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Fob the sake of simplicity and clearness, the matter of this sketch is 
arranged in three parts. The first contains, in connection with the 
explanation of the name Laiurence, a concise account of some of the earli- 
est and more important families and persons of the name in England, and 
is properly introductory to the second ; which comprises within the number 
of sixty or more families nearly five hundred individuals whose lineage and 
descent from the original English ancestors, John and Elizabeth of 
Watertown, can be easily traced by means of the personal and family 
reference figures employed. The plan does not follow the course of consec- 
utive lineal descent, yet embraces in successive families all those of the 
same generation. In addition to the births, marriages and deaths as they 
have been obtained, some not uninteresting and itnportant historical facts 
have been inserted. The third and last part includes what has been ascer- 
tained of other persons of the name, supposed to have come early to this 
country, who settled in New England and New Netherlands. 

To those of the family name and lineage into whose hands this may come, 
it is not necessary to say, that while there has been an earnest endeavor to 
secure accuracy in the statements and dates given, yet it will probably be 
found that many errors have occurred which will need to bie corrected. It 
has been observed in some cases that the records of the town did not agree 
with those of the Church, nor 4hese again with the family registers and the 
burial inscriptions. Hence discrepancies arise, which can be rectified only 
by close comparison and carefully drawn conclusions. 

The request is therefore made, that any further particulars, by which 
what has been hereby commenced may be corrected and improved, may 
be furnished for the use of those who have been laboring to compile the 
history of this family and put it into such a form that, concerning those who 
are not it may be as though they were ; while they who shall he will not be 
left entirely ignorant of thbse who have been. 


The family may be truly said to have had not only a name but a character^ 
for intelligence, probity, piety and udtsfulness. Enterprising and benevo- 
lent, many of them have lived to do good and be blessings in the world. 
The spirit of philanthropy and charitableness in the living Lafrrences is 
but the spirit of their fathers bf former generations, exercised in the posses- 
sion of ampler means and over ft ' wid er » ph cw> 4>f influence. ». .V 

Many have shown that if not bom noblemeny as were others of their 
name aforetime in the '' Father-land," they coald and did become such, 
(noble men) and such let their descendants be. 

My acknowledgments are due to several gentlemen from whom important 
aid has been received in the preparation of this memoir. Particularly would 
I express them to M. G. Cobb, Esq., of Charlestown, from whom valuable 
notes were obtained ; to the Rev. Mr. Sewall, of Burlington ; the Eev. N. 
Bouton, of Concord, N. H.; C. Butler, Esq., of Groton, whose history of 
that town, about to be issued, will contain interesting and important state- 
ments of the Lawrences of that place ; also to Mr. Henry Bass, of Boston, 
Mr. Z. Hosmer, and Thaddeus W. Harris, M. D., Librarian of Harvard 
College. To Amos A. Lawrence, Esq., especially, should they be expressed, 
for the interest which he has taken, and the assistance he has rendered, in 
this work. 

Imperfect though it be, yielding to the desire of esteemed friends, it is 
committed to the press for the use of the family, in hope that something 
enlarged and more complete may be published at some future day. 

John Lawbence* 



The name Latvrence as applied to men, is of very early origin. The 
orthography of the word has been slightly varied in its common usage, yet 
the number of syllables, it is believed, has never been changed ; nor the 
essential vowel and consonant sounds altered. Dissyllabic, with an a and 
either a single or double u in the first syllable, the second has always had 
for its vowel short a, or c, followed by ns or nee. 

If not in its application to the same person as used in the same family for 
several successive generations, it has been found written in at least three, if 
not four various, yet similar ways; namely, Laurens, Laurence, Law- 
rence, and Laivrance. The modem and almost universal orthography of 
the word is Lavrrence. Its derivation we trace to the Latin Laurus — 
Laurentius. The latter form is that in which the name is found as first 
given to men. The signification of the word recorded by some one (not an 
indifferent scholar) on the first page of the Town Records of Hingham, 
Mass., may be regarded as pretty near the truth. " Giristian names for 
men now most used with the signification, Laurrence — fiourishing like a 
Bay tree." 


The first instance of an individual to whom the name belonged who lived 
in England, which has been ascertained, is that of Laiurence, a monk. In 
Collier^s Dictionary the word is Laurentius. Harris, in his History of 
Kent, has it Lawrence. By birth a Roman, he came over from Italy to 
Britain in company with Austin and others, who labored for the propagation 
of Christianity in the Island. Upon the death of Austin, Lawrence, accord- 


ing to previous arrangement, was appointed to succeed him as Arch- 
bishop of the See of Canterbury. He is represented to have been a man of 
good learning and piety, who openly reproved the King, Eadbald, son of 
Ethelbert, for his vices, and succeeded in reforming him so far that he after- 
wards founded the Monastery of St. Austins, in the Abbey of which Arch- 
bishop Lawrence was buried, A. D. 916. 


It is, however, to one Robert Lawrence, of Lancashire, we are to look 
for the first individual of the name whose family and circumstances entitle 
him to be considered the Ancestor of the Lawrences of England. Bom, 
probably, as early as A. D. 1150, he accompanied his sovereign, Richard 
Coeur de Lion, to the war of the Crusades, in the Holy Land, and so dis- 
tinguished himself in the siege of Acre that he was knighted Sir Robert of 
Ashton Hall, and obtained for his arms, " Arg. a cross raguly Gu." — A. D. 

Seized of Ashton Hall in Lancashire, his successors held this seat for 
many generations, and it has been said to have belonged, even of late, to 
some of Sir Robert's descendants. His son and immediate successor mar- 
ried a daughter of James Trafford, Esq., of Trafford, Lancashire, by whom 
he had a son and heir, James, who succeeded Sir Robert, his father. 

James married Matilda de Washington, daughter of John Washington, 
of Washington, in 1252. She was an heiress, the only daughter. The son 
and successor of James Lawrence " living in the thirty-seventh year of Henry 
III.," by Matilda, was John, who married Margaret, daughter of Walter 
Chesford, whose son, named John^ succeeding his father, married Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Holt, of Stably, in Lancashire, and died A. D. 1360. 

Sir Robert, a knight, son and heir of John and Elizabeth Lawrence, 
married Margaret Holden, of Lancashire, by whom he had sons: first, 
Robert, ancestor of the Lawrences of Standish, Crich Grange and Seven- 
hampton ; second, Thomas ; third, WiUiam ; fourth, Edmund ; — ancestors 
of other principal branches of the name in England. 

I. Sir ROBERT, son of Sir Robert and Margaret Lawrence, bom before 
1454, married Amphilbis, daughter of Edward Longfoi*d, Esq., of 
Longford, and had sons : first, James, a knight, styled " Sir James of 
Standish," to distinguish him from another of the name living at the 
time. He married Cecily, daughter of Boteler, Esq., of Lan- 
cashire, an heiress, and had issue, two sons and a daughter. 

Sir Thomas, first son of Sir James and Cecily Lawrence, married 


Eleanor, daughter of Lionel Lord Welles, and thus acquired estates in 
the counties of Lincoln, Nottingham and York. Sir John^ a son by 
this marriage, the seventh knight in a direct line, is said to have pos- 
sessed, in 1591, thirty-four manors ; but being outlawed for crime, died 
without issue, an exile in France. Cecily, a daughter, married Wil- 
liam Gerard, ancestor of the Bromley family of Gerards, to whom 
Ashton Hall and other estates passed, about 1 600. 

Robert, sacond son of Sir Robert and Amphilbis Lawrence, married 
Margaret, daughter of John Lawrence, Esq., of Rixton, in Lancashire, 
by whoqn he had Sir Robert, who married a daughter of Thomas 
Stanley, Esq., and died in 1571. Also JbAn, who commanded a wing 
of the English army under Lord Stanley at the battle of Flodden 
Field, and died without issue, aged thirty-eight years. William, a 
third son, bom 1509, or before, married Isabel Molyneux, daughter of 
John Molyneux, of Chorley, in Lancashire, and held great estates — 
Sevenhampton, &c., in Gloucestershire, the manor of the Sea House, 
Somerset, &c. He had several children, of whom John, Doctor of Laws, 
was Archdeacon of Worcester, &c Robert, born at Withington, 1521, 
married for his second wife Eleanor, daughter of John Stratford, of 
Famcot, by whom he had: first, WUliam, who received from his 
father the estates of Shurdington. He married, and had Anthony, his 
heir, who also married, and had a son WiUiam, who died without issue, 
and the estates went to Littleton Lawrence, Esq., of Cricklade. 

Robert, second son of Robert and Eleanor Lawrence, died without 
issue, 1585. He was of Sevenhampton. Anthony, a third son, mar- 
ried a daughter of William Gmdwell, Esq., of Gray's Inn, and had by 
her Anthony t his heir, a daughter Frances, or Elisabeth, who married 
William Rogers, Esq., of Sandiwell, and a son William. Anihowy Law- 
rence, Esq., married Mary, daughter of Giles Broadway, Esq., and 
had two sons and three daughters. Robert Lawrence, Esq., was of 
Sevenhampton, and the second son, and married Mary, daughter of 
John Rogers, Esq., of Hazleton, and was the ancestor of " Walter 
Lawrence, Esq., said to be the last heir-male of the elder branch of the 
Shurdington family, who died in May, 1810," and likewise of John 
Lawrence, living unmarried, in 1806, aged 73 years, who was Rector 
of Sevenhampton. 

Nicholas, third son of Sir Robert and Amphilbis Lawrence, living 
in 1454, married, and had a son Littleton Lawrence, Esq., of Crick- 
lade, who inherited estates under the will of William Lawrence, Esq., 
of Shurdington, which are still held by his descendants. 

The arms of this branch at Shurdington and Sevenhampton, &c., 
were : " Argent, a cross, raguly gu." Crest — " The tail or lower part 
of a fish erect and couped." Estates " in Gloucestershire." Seat, 
" Sandy-Well Park." 



U. THOMAS, second son of Sir Robert and Margaret Lawrence, was 
the father of Arthur Lawrence, Esq., who was seated at Prior's Court 
in Gloucestershire. This Arthur was ancestor of John Lawrence, 
Esq., of Delaford, in Tver, Bucks, and of Chelsea, Middlesex, who was 
created a baronet in 1628. He married Grisel, daughter of Jarvis 
Gibbon, Esq., in the county of Kent, and died in 1638. 

Sir John Lawrence of Chelsea, his son and successor, married, and 
had a son. Sir ThomcLs^ who married, but had no issue, and was the 
last of this baronetcy, which was established in 1628, and became 
extinct in 1717. It is said that this person just named* spent all his 
estate, and about 1700 emigrated to Maryland, in America. 

III. WILLIAM, third son of Sir Robert and Margaret above, bom 1425, 
or before, fought under the Lancastrian banner at St. Albans, in 1455, 
where he fell, and was buried in the Abbey of St. Albans. 

IV. EDMUND, (the youngest of the four sons of Sir Robert Lawrence, 
who married Margaret Holden,) is sidd to have married a daughter of 
Miles de Stapleton, a descendant of the distinguished family of that 
name of Norman extraction, found in England, by which marriage he 
derived his title. 


The founder of the Crich Grange branch of Lawrences was Sir Oliver ^ 
whose father was NicJwlas Lawrence, of Agercroft, and his grandfather. 
Sir GUes Lawrence, of Standish. The son and successor of Sir Oliver was 
Edward Lawrence, of Crich Grange, who died August 28, 1601. He left 
a son, Sir Edward, who was knighted in 1619, and died about 1630. It 
was his daughter, probably, who married, in 1641, William Floyers, Esq., 
of Floyers, Hayes and Berne. His son. Sir Edward, who was knighted in 
1643, at Oxford, married, in 1623, Grace Bruen, daughter of Henry Bruen, 
Esq. At his death, which occurred in 1647, he was succeeded by a son, 
Sir Robert of Crich Grange, Isle of Purbeck, who married, in 1639, Jane 
Williams, daughter of John Williams, of Tyneham, by whom he had a son, 
John Lawrence, his successor, in 1666, who, before his death, sold all his 
estates to one Nathaniel Bond, Esq. 



One of the most important branches of the Lawrences of England, is that, 
probably, in the line of which we find Henry Lawrence, President of Crom- 
welFs Council. 

John, called also John de Wardeboys, a descendant of one of the younger 
branches of the Lancashire family, was an Abbot, and lived in Ramsey, 
Huntingdonshire, as early as about 1500. 

John Lawrence, a nephew of the Abbot, styled in evidences Grenerosus, 
also lived in Ramsey at the same time. He married, and had, first, Wil- 
liam, who was at one time Sheriff of Huntingdonshire and Cambridge, and 
removed to St. Ives, where he settled. Second, Agnes, who married Gil- 
bert Smyth, of Fenton ; third, Emma, who married Gabriel Throckmorton, 
of Ellington, in Huntingdonshire. John Generosus^ their father, died in 
1538, and was buried in the Abbey of Ramsey. The Prelate survived 
him a few years, having before his decease, made William, the son of his 
nephew, one of his executors ; to whom, also, with his sisters, Agnes and 
Emma, he left his silver plate, curtains, hangings, &c. He died in 1542, 
and was buried in the Abbey of Ramsey, where he had lived an Abbot for 
about forty years. 

This Prelate was very active in promoting the dissolution of the Monas- 
teries then existing, for which services he received ample compensation 
from the reigning sovereign, in the way of titles, grants and pensions. 

William Lawrence, settled at St. Ives, the grandfather of Henry, the 
associate of Cromwell, married for his first ^ife, Frances Honston, by whom 
he had sons, William and Henry, "By Margaret Kaye, whom he married 
for his second wife,. he had another son, Robert, who was ancestor of the 
Lawrences of Brokedish, in Norfolk, and died in 1597, at Emneth, Norfolk. 

William, senior, of St. Ives, died December 20, 1572, and was buried at 
St. Ives, leaving, by will, to his son Henry, his heir, the plate of his uncle, 
Sir John, late Abbot of Ramsey, and his own armor. Henry married 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Hagar, of Bourne Castle, Cambridgeshire, and 
had by her John, who was knighted at Windsor Castle, in 1603. He died, 
and was buried at St Ives, February 25, 1580-81. Sir John, his son, 
knighted (1603) by James I., married Elizabeth, only daughter and heir of 
Ralph Waller, Esq., of Clerkenwell, in Middlesex, and died February 10, 
1604. He was buried at St. Ives. He had by his wife, Elizabeth, two 
sons, Henry and John, both mentioned in the will, who now became heirs 
to the estate of Ralph Waller, Esq. 

Henry was about four years old when his father died. In 1622 he 
entered Emmanuel College, Cambridge, where he continued to pursue his 
studies. He took a Bachelor's degree in 1623, and a Master's in 1627; 




after which he distinguished himself as one of the leading republicans of his 
day, being associated with Waller, Hampden and Cromwell. 

Educated a Puritan, it is stated that, to avoid the severity of the Bishops 
and Courts, he went to Holland, and while there published, at Amsterdam, 
(1646, it is said) a book " of our Communion and War with Angels," dedi- 
cated to his most dear and honored mother, the Lady Lawrence, with a 
spirit of filial affection highly commendatory to both mother and son. 

Henry Lawrence, Esq., of St Ives, married Amy Peyton, daughter of 
Sir Edward Peyton, Bar't, of Cambridgeshire, and had issue, seven sons and 
six daughters. 
I. HENRY, the eldest son, who administered the estate of his father and 
sisters at their decease. He married, and had sons, Henrys who died 
unmarried, and Edward, who was created a baronet in 1748, and died 
without issue the year following, aged 90. Henry, their father, died 
in 1669. 
n. EDWARD, who died in 1657, leaving his father heir to an estate at 
St. Margaret's, alias Thele, in Hertfordshire. In the chancel of the 
Church at Si. Margaret's, is this monumental inscription : 

'^ Here lieth the body of Edward Lawrence, Esq., and also of the 
Lady Martha, daughter of Richard, Earl of Barramore, by Martha, 
his wife, sister of said Edward, who deceased in the y^ar of our Lord 
Arms — "A cross raguly gu.," &c. 
m. JOHN, who went to Jamaica in 1676. His will is dated in the year 
1690. He had a son, John, a member of the Assembly, at one time, 
who had six sons, of whom JameSf the third, was of Fairfield, and died 
in 1756, leaving Richard James Lawrence, said to be the representa- 
tive, while living, of the male linef of President Henry Lawrence, of 
St Ives. 
IV. WILLIAM, who was bom in Holland, and naturalized by an act of 
Parliament, November 27, 1656. 
V. FRANCIS, who died October 16, 1672. 
YI. BENJAMIN, and the other not ascertained. 

Of the daughters, Martha married, in 1656, Richard, Earl of Barra- 
more, and was the mother of Lawrence^ Earl of Barramore, and of 
Martha, (the Lady) who died as above. The Lady Barramore died 
in 1664. 

Elizabeth, bom in 1632, died February of 1662, in her thirtieth 

Theodosia, bom in Holland, and naturalized at the same time with 

her sister Martha and brother William, died September 2, 1664, aged 

about 20 years. Henrietta, the youngest daughter, bom about 1652, 

died September 80, 1664, in her thirteenth year. 

The Latvrence Mansion at St. Ives is said to have been occupied by 



Cromwell, from 1631 to 1635-6. Henry Lawrence, Esq., was twice chosen a 
member of Parliament for Hertfordshire ; namely, in 1653 and in 1654 ; as 
also for other parts of England. He was made President of the Protector's 
Council in 1654, and in 1657 was gazetted one of the House of Lords. 
He died intestate, A. D. 1664, a man of learning and worth to rank in the 
estimation of Milton, with Montague and other distinguished men of that 
time. He was a man of noble qualities, a republican, a Puritan. 
. The provident piety of his wife has preserved his memory in the follow- 
ing lines inscribed at St. Margarets Chapel, Hertfordshire : 

" Here lieth interred the body of Henry Lawrence, Esq., sometime of this 
place, who married Amy Peyton, daughter of Sir Edward Peyton, of» Isel- 
ham, in the county of Cambridge, knight and baronet. He had issue, seven 
sons and six daughters. He departed this life August the 8th, 1664, in 
the sixty-fourth year of his age." 

'^ Also lie buried in this place, four of his children, &c. r The said Amy 
Lawrence, in memory of her loving consort and children, hath caused this 
stone to be laid here." 

The arms are — "A Cross raguly Gules, without a chief impaling Pey- 
ton." The crest — "A fish's tail." Another author gives — "A chevron 
in chief, three crescents." 

John, brother of Lord Henry Lawrence, married, and had children — 
at least, a son, Thomas^ whom he left his heir at his death, in 1670. Dr« 
Thomas Lawrence married, and had a large family. He was a physician, 
as is stated, "to five crowned heads," and died in 1714. His eldest son, 
who was an officer in the navy, had a son, Tlwnuis^ distinguished in his 
profession, and made President of the College of Physicians, &c. A son 
of this gentleman was Sir Soulden Lawrence, Justice of Common Pleas. 
Elizabeth, a daughter^arried Edward Griffith, Esq. 

'The Lawrences of Studley and Hockfall, in Yorkshire, were of this 

Descendants of Henrt Lawrence's family are now living, in parts of 
England, as one Henry Lawrence, Esq., of Cowesfield, in Wilts, 1843. 

It is stated that the Essex branch of this name took their origin (<' as 
appears by certain old documents ") from the grandfather or great-grand- 
father of the President. • Between the Essex and Norfolk branches there 
was a connection, as is ' believed, not many generations back. The Law- 
rences of Colchester also are said to have descended from the stock of the 
President, at an early period. 



To speak at any length of the Arms obtained and borne by the various 
branches of this name will not be expected. There is not space, nor would 
it be of special benefit. For definitions of the terms used, and an account of 
the several kinds, with their modifications, augmentations, and the general 
object for which arms were conferred, reference can be made to the systems 
of Heraldry, Histories of Arms and of Peerages, and Encyclopedias pub- 
lished. See, also, No. 3 of the Historical and Genealogical Register, Boston. 

The arms of Sir Robert, of Ashton Hall, conferred by Richard T., name- 
ly : " Argent, a cross raguly gules," were those of the Lancashire branch 

Also, " He beareth Ermine, a cross raguled gules, by the name of Law- 
rence, of Lancashire." 

The Gloucestershire portion of the family had the same as already given. 
Likewise the Buckinghamshire Lawrences. Thus — "Argent, a cross 
raguled gules is borne by a family of the name of Laiarence, in Bucking- 
hamshire and Gloucestershire." " Crest — The tail (or hindmost half) of 
a Chub (fish) inverted, and erect." 



" Raguled '' is a term used *' to represent the rough-hewn stems of a tree 
from which the branches have been rudely lopped." The arms of the Iver 
branch were nearly the sacfne as above — "A cross raguly gules." " Qn a 
chief of the second, a lion passant guardant, or." Sir Edward of St. Ives, 
made a baronet in 1748, had the same. 

Henry Lawrence, the President, had arms, ** A cross raguly gules with- 
out a chief." Motto — " Nil Admirari,^* of which quotation from Horace, 
Pope has given the sense in these lines : 

" Whether we dread, or whether we desire, 
In either case, believe me, we admire: 
Whether we joy or grieve, the same the curse, 
Surprised at better, or surprised at worse." 

The words will, however, be better understood, by taking the whole sen- 
tence, which reads thus : 

" Nil admirari prop^ res est una Numid, 
Solaque quse possit facere et servare beatum." 

which Smart has rendered into simple prose, as follows : " To admire noth- 
ing is almost the one and only thing, Numicius, which can make and keep 
a man happy." — See Horace's Epistle, 6 Ad Numicium, Lib. L 
The coat of arms (with a crest used) is here given. Thus : 



The following are a few persons of the name of Lawrence, with some 
incident or statement concerning each, without attempting to trace the 
family relation or descent. 


BICHAItD, was Vicar of Pirton, chapel of Ickleford, Hertfordshire, under 
the patronage of the Prior and Convent of Hertford, in 1357. 

JOHN, was a Rector of Stevenage, under the patronage of the Abbot and 
Convent of Westminister, in 1408. 

ROBERT, Prior of Belleval, was executed for refusing to own the suprem- 
acy of the King, May 4, 1535. 

AUGUSTIN, was Vicar of Norton, in Hertford, under the patronage of 
the Bishop of London, in 1561. 

JOHN, was of Oxford, a Bachelor of Civil Law, in 1523. Made Arch- 
deacon August 10, 1554, in the second year of Queen Mary, and after- 
wards deprived of the same. He died in 1568. 


ALICE, daughter and co-heir of Sir John Lawrence, knight of Ashton, in 
Lancashire, married, before 1500, Cuthbert Cliflon, of Clifton. 

JOHN, Rector of Stopham, married, about 1620, Frances, daughter of 
Walter Bartelott, Esq., of Stopham, Sussex. 

JOHN, of York, living in 1634, married Ann Pawson, daughter of Christo- 
pher Pawson, of Leeds. 

SIR JOHN, knight of London, married, about 1651, Catharine, daughter of 
Sir Richard Stone. This John was probably Mayor of London, at one time. 


JOHN, was Mayor of the borough of St. Albans, in the year 1567. 
THOMAS, was Bailiff of Hertford, in 1596. Is it improbable that he was 

father of these children whose baptisms are entered at Hertford ? 

1st, Edward, baptized June 2, 1588, 

2d,Wimam, « « 6,1590, 

3d, John, « « 11, 1591. 

" All sons of Thomas Lawrence." 
EDWARD, who was Mayor of Hertford, in Hertfordshire, in 1624, '29, '37, 

45 and 57. An Edward Lawrence was Mayor also in 1666, 74,79 

and 80. There were probably two of the name during this time, in 




THOMAS, was of University College, Oxford, and at one time a Gentleman 
Commoner of St. John's College. He was son of Sir John Lawrence, of 
Chelsea, Middlesex. On the 9th of September, 1663, when St. John's 
College was visited by the King and Queen, and the Duchess of York, he 
was a member of that College, and was appointed to speak an address to 
the royal visitors. 

WILLIAM, who became a Gent. Commoner of Trinity College, Oxford, in 
1631, was the eldest son of William Lawrence, Esq., of Wraxhale, in 
Dorset, and was born about 1614. He remained three years at Trinity 
College, and then removed to the Middle Temple, where he became dis- 
tinguished for his knowledge of municipal law, and as a counsellor. He 
married a sister of William Sydenham, one of the Lords of Cromwell's 
Parliament, and was made a Judge for Scotland. He continued in this 
office until the restoration of Charles L, when he returned to England, 
and to the practice of law. Various works, written by him, were pub- 
lished in 1680 and 1681. He died in the parish of Bedfont, near Stanes, 
in Middlesex, somewhere about 1682. 


GILES, was admitted Doctor of Laws, February 12, 1578. He was bom 
in the borough of Gloucestershire, admitted a scholar of C. C. College, 
Oxford, in 1539, prob. Fellow of All Souls College, in 1542, and was 
appointed Archdeacon of Wilts, September 18, 1564. He was the suc- 
cessor of one John Lawrence,, his father, or uncle, and was in great 
esteem for learning. A certain writer says of him, " This Dr. Lawrence 
was the light and ornament of the University ; brought up and nourished 
in the bosom of Pallas, in whom nature and unwearied industry had 
infused and placed all the Greek treasures and riches imaginable." He 
was living in 1584. 

GEORGE, was bom about 1615, the son of George Lawrence, of Stepney, 
near London. He was admitted a Commoner of New Inn at the age of 
17, in 1632, and took degrees in the arts. (M. A. 1639.) He became a 
violent Puritan and a great admirer of the Scotch covenant. In 1642, the 
time of the rebellion, he was a lecturer of St. George's Church, in But- 
olph Lane, by Little East Cheap, London. He subsequently took the 
covenant, and became a preacher in another church in London, then 
minister of the Hospital of St. Cross, near Winchester, but upon the res- 
toration of the King, was silenced. He continued his labors, however, in 
London, until his death. Sermons and other works written by him were 
published, from 1642 to 1675. In 1658 a sermon was published, 
preached October 13, of the same year, " On the death of Oliver Crom- 
well/' from 2 Chronicles, xxxv : 24 : " A good prince bewailed by a good 
people." In answer to a letter of inquiry as to the common report that 



Richard Baxter studied at New Inn with him, among other things he 
says, " As to myself, my faults are no disgrace to any University, for I 
was of none, and have little but what I had out of books and from country 
tutors. Weakness and pain helped me to study how to dye, that set me on 
studying how to live, and that set me on studying the doctrine from which 
I must fetch my motives and comforts, and beginning with the necessaries, 
I proceeded to the lesser integrals by degrees, and am now going to see 
that for which I have lived and studied." 
THOMAS, was the son of a minister, and born in Dorsetshire. He became 
a scholar of Baliol College, Oxford, in 1614, when only 16 years old, and 
was made a Fellow of All Souls College, in 1618 ; afterwards a Bachelor 
of Arts, and proceeding in this faculty became a noted preacher in the 
University, was Chaplain to the Earl of Pembroke, Prebendary of Litch- 
field, Doctor of Divinity, Chaplain in Ordinary to Charles I, and by the 
influence of Archbishop Laud, was appointed Master of Baliol College, 
and Margaret Professor of Divinity in the University, in the year 1637. 
He was accounted famous for scholastic divinity, a profound Theologist, 
and exquisite in the excellences .of Greek and Latin. He signed the 
requisition of the visitors of the University, August 3, 1648, and died 
December 10, 1657. He was buried at Colne, parish of Somersham, in 

The authorities for most of the contents of this sketch are these named : 
Collier's Dictionary and Guillim's and Newton's Heraldry ; Harris's History 
of Kent, England ; Burke's History of the Commoners of England ; Burke's 
Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies; Clutterbuck's History of Hertford- 
shire; Wood's Athenaa Oxonienses; Gentleman's Magazine; Strype's 
Annals and Neal's History of the Puritans ; Historical Records and Manu- 



(0 3^^T!S iLa2l8l3R15!&ff<lti5, of Watertown. is supposed 
to have come to this country early in the year 1635; landed, 
probably, at Charlestown, and proceeded thence by the Charles 
River to Watertown, where he settled. It is highly probable that 
he was the " John Lawrence " who embarked in the ship Planter, 
bound for New England, having received a certificate from the 
minister of Great St. Albans, Hertfordshire. He may, therefore, 
be regarded as a native of St. Albans — by what parents is not 
yet satisfactorily ascertained — and was born in 1617-18 ; so that 
he could not have been more than 19 at the birth of his first-^orn. 
There are many circumstances tending to confirm the opinion that 
he was quite young when he settled in Watertown. He received, 
February 28, 1636, three acres of land, his share of a grant then 
made to the townsmen, one hundred and six in number. This 
was the first lot by division, which he received, and afterwards 
several other lots, as is shown by town records. He was admit- 
ted a freeman in 1637. " In 1650 there were sold by the town, at 
a general meeting, (for the payment of ten pounds due unto John 
Sherman from the town) unto John Lawrence and others, fifteen 
acres of common land (called King's Common).'* 

" December 22, 1652, agreed in general meeting, that John 
Sherman shall make conveyance, &c., to John Lawrence and 
others of the land sold them." 

*'In 1654 Hugh Mason received of John Lawrence, clerk, 
£2-17-6, money for town or parish use." 

We have not room to enumerate the lots of land, some ten or 


more, of which he received the grant or ownership, by purchase. 
Whom he married is not known, except that (as might perhaps 
be expected, since not a Marj) she was an Elisabeth, and possi- 
bly a passenger with him in the ship Planter. He had by this 
his first wife, thirteen children, bom in Watertown. About 
1660 he removed with his family to Groton, where his wife 
Elisabeth died, August 29, 1663. He married for his second 
wife, Nov. 2, 1664, Susanna Batchelder, daughter of William 
Batchelder, of Charlestown, by whom he had 2 daughters. 

John Lawrence, senior, died at Groton, July 11, 1667, 
leaving his sons Nathaniel and Joseph, and his wife Susanna, 
executors of his will. 

The widow, Susanna Lawrence, died July 8, 1668. 

(1) Family No. 1. JOHN BXid Elisabeth had as follows : 

(2) L JOHN,* b. Mar. 14, 1636, m. about 1657, and lived, probably, 

in Charlestown. << He is named in the list of those who 
paid their " countie rate." 

NATHANIEL? h. 15-^8-1639-2. 

JOSEPH," b. — 1-1642, d. 30-3-1642. 

JOSEPH," b. 30-3-1643, m. 1670-1, took freeman's oath 1679. 
A proprietor of land in Groton. 

JONATHAN,' b. d. 6-2-1643-4. 

MARY," b. 16-5-1645, m. 1663, Inego Potter, Charlestown ; 
d. 1686-7. 

PELEG? b. 10-11-1647, settled in Groton, -3. 
(9) VHL JE:2V^0Ci?"b. 5-1-1648-9, " « « -4 
(10) IX. SAMUEL," b. m. as is thought, 1682, Rebecca Luen, 

of Charlestown. 

ISAAC," b. m. 19-2-1682, Abigail Bellows, Cam- 


ELISABETH," b. May 9, 1655. Not known that she m. 

JONATHAN," b. probably lived a bachelor, d. 1725. 

(14) XIIL ZECHARIAH," b. 9-1-1658-9. 

Children by Susanna, the second wife, bom in Groton : 

(15) XIV. ABIGAIL," b. Jan. 9, 1666, m. 1-7-1684, Edward Wyar. 

(16) XV. SUSANNA, " b. July 3, 1667. 

(A Jonathan Lawrence and Rebecca Rutter were 
married 5-9-1677, in Cambridge.) Jonathan of Groton, 
as is seen by his will, •* Gave to y* town of Groton £100 ; 
to y* Church of Christ in Groton £40, to be laid out for y* 
procuring of some silver vessel or vessels for y* churche's 
use, as they shall order. Also, £20, y* income to be annu- 
ally paid or accounted for to y* settled or ordained minister." 


(4) III. 

(5) IV. 

(6) V. 

(7) VI. 

(8) vn. 

(11) X. 

(12) XL 
(18) XII. 


Extracts fW>m the wiU of John Lawrence, senior, deceased 1667 : 

Ist, Of himself — ^ I commend mjsonl into y* hands of him who gave 
it, and my body to y* earth, to a decent bnrial, in full hope of a joyful 
resurrection, when in my flesh I shall see God.** 

2d, Of Ait wife — "I will y* besides what hath been formerly, by legacy, 
contract, or othenoise engaged to my wife, and is her due, there be 
added to it three score pounds. And my will is y^ she have free and full 
liberty in the first place, and before any other legacy be paid to make 
choice, out of the whole Estate, either lands or moveables," provided, 
if of lands she shall take of land and meadow proportionable," ^ pro- 
vided also, that foure oxen be reserved out of the moveables." ** And 
if she will live in the house during the time of her widowhood it shall 
be without molestation." 

3d, Of his children — *^I will that after my lawful debts and engage- 
ments are paid, y* residue of my estate be disposed to every of my 
children bom to me by my fomur unfij to every and each of you an 
equal portion." 

4th, Of Mary — Only provided yt my daughter Mary shall have but half 
y* portion with y« rest, to teach her a remembrance of her disobe- 
dience and unfaithfulness to me in my distress ; and y« other half of 
y* portion shall fall to my son Zcchariah, being y^ youngest and inca- 
pable of present shifting for himself." The will was witnessed by 
Samuel Willard and Wm. Lakin, called his " loving friends." 

(8) FamUy No. 2. JffUV^UVlUlf^ m. March 13. 1660, Sarah 
Moss, of Sudbury, resided in Groton, and had children : 

17) L NATHANIEL,* b. April 4 1661. 

18) n. HANNAH,' b. July 3, 1664. 

19) in. JOHN,^ b. July 29, 1667. Settled in Lexington, -5. 

20) IV. MARY,» b. March 3, 1669-70. 

21) V. SARAH.« b. May 16, 1672. 

22) VL ELISABETH,' b. July 6, 1674, d. 20-8-1675. 

23) Vn. DEBORAH,' b. March 24, 1683. 

By Hannah, his second wife, he had also : 

24) VHL HANNAH,' b. April 26, 1687. 

25) IX. JONA THAN? b. June 1 4, 1 696. Lived in Charlestown, and 
probably in Stonebam, -9. 

He was admittec^ a freeman in 1671, was early chosen a Deacon 
of the Church, engaged actively in town affairs, was a Rep- 
resentative of Groton in the General Court, under the charter 
of William and Mary, and thus lived a useful life. His first 
wife, Mrs. Sarah Lawrence, died in Groton in the year 1684. 
He removed from Groton to Charlestown, as it seems, and 
thence to Lexington, where he died, April 14, 1724, aged 85 

Note. While for variety the arrangement of families is somewhat 
promiscuous, there is a general chronological succession according to 
their generations, which, with the references nsed will serve to ma^ 



it easy to trace the lineal descent of any indiyidnal whose name or 
family is given. The fignres placed before the number of any family 
refer back to the name of the person, where the birth and parenti 
of such person are foand, and his place marked in the whole num- 
ber. The figures at the end of the line refer forward to his famUy^ 
thus, -25. Those small ones at the end of the name indicate the gen- 
eration, as ^ ^ '. 



Family No. 3. PELEG? m. about 1667-8, Elisabeth 
whom he had children bom in Groton. 
ELISABETH,^ b. Jan. 9, 1669. 
SAMUEL,' b. Oct. 16, 1671. 






ELEAZER? b. Feb. 28, 1674. Settled in Littleton, -6. 
JONATHAN,' b. March 29, 1679. 
ABIGAIL,' b. Oct. 6, 1681. 
JEREMIAH,' b. Jan. 3, 1686-7, d. April 26, 1687. 
VII JOSEPH,' b. June 12, 1688. 

In the Inventory of 1695 Daniel and Susanna are named 
as children of Peleg Lawrence. He died in Groton, 1692, 
aged 45 years. 

(33) L 

(34) IL 

(9) FamUy No. 4. ENOCH? m. March 6, 1676-7, Ruth Shattuck, 
and had 
NA THANIEL? b. Feb. 21, 1677-8. Settled in Groton, -8. 
DANIEL,' b. March 7, 1681. 

(35) IIL ZECHARIAW Lived in PeppereU, -7. 

(36) IV. JEREMIAH,' b. May 1, 1686. 

There may have been other children in this family. He died 
in Groton, Sept 28, 1744, as it is stated, when he was about 
95 years old. 

(w) Family No. 5. S^Ol^tf/ m. about 1686-7, Anna , and had 

children, born in Groton, Cambridge (^'Farms'') and Lex- 

(37) L JOHN,^ b. June 10, 1688. Lived in Lexington and Wobuni, 


(38) IL THOMAS,"^ b. (One of the elder sons, probably.) 

Lived in Groton, -16. 

(39) IIL WILLIAM,'' h. 1697. Settled in Groton, -14 

(40) IV. SAMUEL,* b. July 9, 1700. Not known to be living in 1742. 

(41) V. ANNA.*b. Baptized Nov. 1, 1702, m. Benjamin 

Bancroft, of Charlestown. 

(42) VI. JONATHAN,'' b. Feb. 24, 1705-6. He Kved in Lexington, 

"H) VIL SARAH,* b. June 20, 1708. m. Josiah Fisk. 



(44) VHL BENJAMIN,* b. May 24, 1713, m. Feb. 12, 1734-5, Jane 


(45) IX. AMOS,^ b. Feb. 19, 1715-16. Settled in Groton, -20. 

John Lawrence and Anna, his wife, were received into the com- 
munion of the Church in Lexington, Feb. 9, 169d-9. She 
died Dec. the 19th, 1732, aged 63 years. He died March 
12, 1746-7, aged 79 years, 7 months. He was a man of 
understanding and piety, active and useful, and sustained 
important offices and relations in society, devoting himself to 
the support of schools and the institutions of the Gospel. A 
few clauses from his will are here given : 

Ist. Of himself — "^ Calling to mind the mortality of my body, and know- 
ing that it is appointed for all men once to die, I do make and ordain 
this my last will and testament, that is to say, principally and first of 
all, I give and recommend my soul unto the hands of God who gave it, 
hoping through the merits, death and passion of my Saviour Jesus 
Christ, to have full and free pardon and forgiveness of all my sins and 
to inherit everlasting life ; and my body 1 commit to the earth, to be 
decently buried at the discretion of my executor, nothing doubting but 
at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty 
power of God." 

2d, " I will that all those debts and duty I owe in right or conscience to 
any manner of person or persons whatever shall be well and truly 
paid, or ordained to be paid in convenient time after my decease, by my 
executor hereafter named." 

Sd, Of Samuel— ** I do give unto my son, Samuel Lawrence, one hun- 
dred pounds, old tenor, out of my estate, beside what 1 have given him. 
Out of which all his just debts due in this country shall be paid, and 
the remainder to be refunded to him if living ; if not, to be equally 
divided amongst my other children, it being in full of his part out of 
my estate." 

4th, Of Anna and Sarah — " My will is that my daughters, Anna Ban- 
croft and Sarah Fisk, have one hundred pounds a piece, old tenor, out 
of my estate." 

5th, Of four of his sons — " My will is that my sons, John Lawrence and 
William and Benjamin and Amos Lawrence, do have one hundred 
and twenty pounds a piece, old tenor, out of my estate." 

6th, Of Jonathan — "I constitute, make and ordain my son, Jonathan 
Lawrence, my only and sole executor of this my last will and testa- 
ment." He received, among other things, all his £Either's ** lands in the 
township of Townsend, undisposed of." 

(«) FamQy No. 6. ELEAZER, « m. Mary 

and had 
ELISABETH,* b. Feb. 28, 1699. 

-, born about 1679, 

(46) I. 

(47) IT. 

(48) III. 

(49) IV. 

(50) V. 

PELEGy^ b. June 1, 1701. Went to Pepperell, -10. 
JONATHAN,^ b. Oct. 4, 1703. Settled in Littleton, -18. 
DANIEL,* b. Dec. 26, 1705, d. Sept. 28, 1790, aged 85. 
SAMUEL,^ b. May 2, 1714, removed to Ashby, -11. 



(51) VI. EXPERIENCE,* b. June 22, 1719. 

(52) VII. . PRUDENCE,* b. April 7, 1722, m. March 4, 1742, Peter 


(53) Vni. ELEAZERf^ is given as a son, perhaps the first born. His . 

birth is not recorded on the town records, -19. 
Major Eleazer died March 9, 1754, aged 80 years. His wid- 
ow, Mrs. Marj Lawrence, " departed this Life June y* 29th, 
A. D. 1761, in the 82d year of her age." 

(85) Family No. 7- ZECHARIAH? m. about 1706-7, AbigaU , 

and had these : 

(54) L ZECHARIAH.* b. May 8, 1708, died in Pepperell, Nov. 30, 

1790, aged 83 years. 

(55) IL RUTH,* b. Sept. 3, 1710. m. Dec. 18, 1729, Elias Elliot. 

(56) in. JEREMIAH^ b. Dec 7, 1713. Settled in PeppereU, -13. 

(57) IV. JOSIAH,* b. July 4, 1715. 

(58) V. . ABIGAIL,* b. May 11, 1718, m. Nov. 23, 1737, Z. Kemp. 

(59) VI. ELISABETH,* b. Oct. 15, 1720. 

(60) VIL RACHEL,* b. 1727, m. John Chamberlin, Jr., died 

1756, aged 29. 
These children were bom in Groton. Their father died in 
Pepperell, June 18, 1754, aged 71 years. 


(88) FamUy No. 8. NA THANIEL? m. Anna — 

Groton, and had the following: 

(61) L NATHANIEL,* b. May 3, 1702. 

(62) n. JAMES,* b. Aug. 26, 1705, m. 1732-3, Mary Martin. Died 

in Pepperell, Jan. 27, 1800, aged 96. His wife died 1799, 
aged 87. 

(63) m. ANNA,* b. July 3, 1708. 

(64) IV. ENOCH,^ b. Nov. 15, 1710. Went to Pepperell, -12. 

(65) V. SARAH,* b. March 15, 1713. 

(66) VL MARTHA,* b. Dec 7. 1717. m. William Blood, of Groton. 

(67) VH. BENJAMIN.* b. Nov. 6, 1720. Lieut. Benjamin d. in Groton, 

1807. aged 87. 

(68) Vm REBECCA,* b. April 17, 1724. 

(69) IX. LOIS,* b. Sept. 26, 1726. 

(70) X EUNICE,* b. July 25, 1728, d. Nov. 15, 1747, ^ed 19 years. 

Mrs. Anna Lawrence died Sept. 31, 1758, aged 73 years, 8 
months and 21 days. Her husband lived till Sept. 12, 1765, 
and died, aged 87 years, 6 months and 21 days. 

(26) Family No. 9, JONATHAN? m. Hannah 


-, by whom he 



(71) L JONATHANf^ b. Dec- 27, 1724, in Charleatown. Sqtded in 

Woburn, -31. 

(72) II. EBENEZEB.^ b. \ Lived in Stoneham with his 

father, and is probably the person who married and had a 
son Ebenez^, bom in Stoneham, Sept 19, 1769. He was 
much engaged in town a£Pairs up to 1780. May 20, 1765, 
he was chosen one of the Committee to tune the Psalm in 
the Stoneham Congregation. Deacon Jonathan was two or 
three times chosen moderator of the town meeting, from 1760 
to 1767, and took an active part in town and parish business, 
until near his death, which is said to have occurred about 
1774, when he was nearly 80 years old. 













and had children 

(47) FamUy No. 10. 39^1(0/ m. Hath 

bom in Groton. 

OLIVER,^ b. March 18, 1728. Settled in HoUis, N. H., -25. 

RUTH,« b. Jan. 28, 1730. 

MARY,« b. March 23, 1733. 

EFHRAIMf b. March 31, 1735. Studied medicine, and 
practised in Pepperell, -27. 

ASA,* b. June 14, 1737, m. July 27, 1758, Abigail King, of 
Littleton. [?] 

SARAH,' b. July 24, 1739, d. in Pepperell, July 24, 1757, 
aged 18 years. 

He was dismissed from the Church of Groton, first parish, and 

signed the covenant of the Church in the West Parish, {so 

called) gathered Jan. 29, 1746-7. On the building of a 

meeting house, the parish *• voted Nov. 23, 1744, that Peleg 

Lawrence and Josiah Sartell be a committee to the Great 

and General Court concerning y" having a meeting house 

place in said parish." 

He was chosen a Deacon, Aug. 23, 1754, and died July 

27, 1757, in his 57th year. Ruth Lawrence, the widow of 

Dea. Peleg, died the 4th of September, 1757, aged about 57 

years. The memorial on the gravestone of Dea. Peleg reads 


"A Man of Wisdom, Frndence, Honesty, 

Public Spiritedness and Piety, 

The poor Man^s Friend. 

Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord/' 

(») Family No. 11. SAMUEL,^ m. May 6, 1737, Mary Hildretb, 

of Westford, by whom he bad children, bom in Littleton. 

(79) L SAMUEL,* b. Jan. 24, 1738, m. twice, had a family, died in 



















(80) n. JOSEPH,* b. Sept 6, 1739, settled in Litfleton, had cMdren, 

(81) in. CHARLESf b. Jan. 20, 1741, went to Ashby to settle, -30. 

(82) IV. MARY,' b. She went with her father to Ashby 

somewhere about 1788-9. Mrs. Mary Lawrence died in 
Littleton, March 17, 1788, aged 70 years. Her husband 
died in Ashby, the time not known. 

(64) Family No. 12. ENOCHS (or ENOSH) m. Jan. 29, 1733-4, 

Sarah Steams, and had 

SAMUEL,* b. Sept. 12, 1734. 

RICHARD,' b. July 15, 1736. 

ENOCH,' b. July 24, 1738. 

SARAH,' b. Aug. 6, 1740. 

LYDIA,' b. July 16, 1742. 

STEPHEN,' b. March 23, 1744. 

DANIEL,' b. March 28. 1746, d. probably Oct 2, 1751. 

HANNAH,' b. April 12, 1748. 

" At a parish meeting held March 15, 1743, voted to abate 
Enosh Lawrence's rates, provided y* parish have y* benefit 
of his house to meet in on Lord's Days." ** Enosh Law- 
rence and wife were dismissed (from the Church in Pep- 
perell) to the Church in Mason, N. H., in 1772." 

(«) Family No. 13. JEREMIAH,"^ m. March 23, 1736, Elisabeth 

Chamberlin. Their children were : 

(91) L ABIGAIL,' b. Aug. 17, 1738, d. Sept. 18, 1738. 

(92) II. ABIGAIL,' b. Aug 23, 1739. 

(93) IIL MARY,' b. Jan. 12, 1743-4, d. Jan. 30, 1743-4. 

(94) IV. ELISABETH,' b. May 19, 1745, m. probably, 1769, Eben- 

ezer Gibson. 

(95) V. JEREMIAH,' b. July 30, 1748, m. probably Feb. 1. 1774, 

Anna Woods. 

(96) VL ESTHER,' b. d. Sept. 9, 1753, as is stated. 

Jeremiah Lawrence and wife were dismissed from Groton, 
First Church, to the Church formed in the West Parish, 
(Pepperell) Jan. 29, 1746-7. He was chosen a Deacon 
Jan. 11, 1748 — the first of that Church. 

His memorial is, that " He was a man of Unfeigned 
Sincerity, strict Religion, and experimental Piety. He 
lived beloved, and died universally lamented, with a full 
assurance of going to Rest, Aug. 29th, 1759, aged 47 

" Mrs. Elisabeth, widow of Dea. Jeremiah Lawrence, 
died Feb. 1, 1774, In her 60th year." 


(») Family No. 14. SSftUUHttlt' m. June 17, 1722, Susannah 

Prescolt, daughter of Jonas trescott, of Groton. She was 
bom in 1691-2. Her father, deceased in 1723, aged 75, was 
the son, as is said, of John Frescott, of Lancaster, where 
he died in 1683, but formerly of Watertown, to which 
place he came from Lancashire, England, in 1640. Wil- 
liam and Susannah had children. 

(97) I WILLIAM,' b. May 7, 1723, settled in Lincoln, -28. 

(98) 11 SUSANNAH,* b. Feb. 5, 1725, m. about 1750, Hon. James 


(99) HL ANNA,* b. Jan. 29, 1727-8, m. Israel Hobart, d. 1791, aged 

64 years. 

(100) IV. ABEL,'' b. Feb. 25, 1729-30. lived in Groton, -24. 

(101) V. SARAH,* b. March 12, 1732, m. Rev. Joseph Ferry, of East 

Windsor, Conn., d. 1778. 

(102) VI. FHEBE,* b. Sept. 20, 1734, m. Jonathan Bancroft. 

Epitaphs. — " Here lye the remains of Col. William Lawrbhce, 
who departed this life May 19, A. D. 1764, Anno JEtatis 67, 

" He was a gentleman who, in military life, rose from the rank of 
Capt. Lient. to the command of a regiment. In the year 1739, he 
was made Jostice of the Peace, afterwards Quorum Unus, a special 
Justice of the Court of Common Pleas for the county of Middlesex, 
and a standing Justice of that county. He for many years represented 
the town of Groton, with the districts of Pepperell and Shirley in the 
General Assembly of this province. In all his public betrustments 
he acquitted himself with fidelity and honour. In private life his be- 
haviour was becoming his Christian profession. He was remarkably 
industrious in the improvement of time, just in his dealings, a good 
neighbour, a faithful friend, patient of injuries, and ready to forgive 
them ; grateful to benefactors, very ready in affording assistance to 
the widow and fatherless, and merciful to all proper objects of pity. 
He was a strict observer of the Lord's Day, a constant and serious 
atte'nder on the public exercises of religion, and devout worshipper of 
God in his family." 

" Blessed are the dead who dye in the Lord." 

" Here also lies Buryed the Body of Mrs Susanna Lawrence, Relict 
of the above named Col. Wm Lawrence. She was a woman of Piety 
and good sense, an industrious, prudent wife, an indulgent parent, a 
good neighbour, a faithful Friend, a hater of Hypocrisy and Guile, a 
lover of Hospitality, Patient under affliction and Resigned to the will 
of Heaven in death, by which she was called out of the world to re- 
ceive the Rewards of a faiithful servant, on the 10 th of September, in 
the 80th year of her Age, A. D. 1771." 

(37) Family No. 15. JOHN.^m. May 18, 1710, Elisabeth, daughter 

of Dea. Samuel Stone, born in Lexington, June 19, 1693, 
and bad these : 

(103) L ELISABETH,* b. May 12, 1711, m. June 22, 1732, Thos. 




(104) H; JOHN,« b. Sept. 21, 1713, m. Oct. 23, 1736, Mary Simonds. 

" He lived a while in Medford and went to Maine." 

(105) in. SAMUEL,* b. Oct. 3, 1715. 

(106) IV. ISAAC,' b.'Nov. 27. 1717. 

(107) V. ANNA,' b. Aug. 8, 1720, m. 1740, James Simonds, of Wo- 


(108) VI. NATHANIEL,' b. m., had a daughter Olive, 

b. 1749 ; in 1754 he went to New Hampshire. 

(109) VIL REBECCA,' b. m. Ist, 1751, Thomas Lock; 

2d, 1795, N. Eaton. 

(110) VIIL MARY,' b. m. May 30, 1738, Wm. Tuttle, d. 

before 1757. 
" Mr. John Lawrence departed this life January 22, Anno 
Domini 1752, in y* 63d year of his age." 

At the first precinct meeting of that part of Wobum 
now called Burlington, held Nov. 1730, "John Lar- 
rance" was chosen collector, and in a tax of £40 then 
granted for the support of preaching, assessed upon one 
hundred and two persons, his rate was 13s Id. In a tax 
of £400 granted March 29, 1732, towards building a 
meeting house assessed upon 110 persons, his rate of £10 
8s 7d was the highest save one, on the list. 

(38) Family No. 16. THOMAS,^ m. 1713, Prudence , whose 

children were these : 

(111) L prudence,' b. Sept. 14, 1715, m. 1732-3, Samuel Cum- 


(112) n. MARY,' b. Sept. 7, 1718. 

(113) in. THOMAS? b. Sept. 3, 1720, went to Pepperell, -22. 

(114) IV. JONATHAN,^ b. Sept. 2, 1725, settled in Groton, -23. 

Mr. Thomas Lawrence is supposed to have died before 1729. 

(42) FamUy No. 17. 3)0tf attlHtl/ m. Feb. 26, 1726-7, Elisabeth 

Swain, of Lexington, b. 1707, whose cliildren were as 
follows : 

(115) L ELISABETH,' b. Feb. 19, 1727-8, d. Jan. 16, 1732-3, 

aged 5 years. 

(116) n. MARY,' b. Nov. 30, 1729, m. Jan. 18, 1750, Abijah Smith, 

of Lexington. 

(117) in. SARAH,' b. Dec. 15, 1731, m. Jan. 30, 1752, Jonathan 

Reed, afterwards of Littleton. 

(118) IV. JONATHAN,^ h, Feb. 5, 1733-4, lived in Wobum and 

Ashby, -32. 
119) V. BEZALEEL!^ b. April 13, 1736, settled in Lexington, -26. 


(120) VI. MICAW b. March 15, 1738-9, was settled in Winchester, 

N. H., -33. 

(122) Vn. ELISABETH,* b. Dec. 13, 1741, m. Nov. 7, 1764, Thad- 

deus Bowman, of Lexington. 

(123) Vin. ANNA,* b. March 19, 1745-6, d. July 18, 1753, aged 7 

years and 4 months. 

(124) IX. JOHNf b. June 5, 1748, removed to Ashby, -35. 

(125) X. BENJAMIN.* b. Sept. 13, 1750, d. June 19, 1753, aged 2 

years and 9 months. 
Jonathan, senior, held various offices of duty and trust in 
town during his life. " Dec. 28, 1761, an order was passed 
(in town meeting) to pay said Jonathan Lawrence £2-13-4 
for his wife's keeping one of y* women's schools." This 
clause from his will is given : 

"• I give my negroes among all my children, to be settled among 
them as they shall agree, as soon as may be after my decease." 

"My dear children live in love and peace and y® God of love and 
peace will be with you." 

He died « March the 19th, 1773, in the 68th year of His Age." 

" Mrs. Elisabeth Lawrence, Relict, &c., died July 4, 1790 , 

Aged 83 years." 

A piece of domestic linen, pf^rt of a cloak or shawl worn 

for a Sunday dress by Mrs. Elisabeth above, (as it is said) 

handed down through the family of Col. Jona. Reed, of 

Littleton, is now in the possession of Mrs. Louisa Hosmer, 

of Cambridge. 

(48) Family No. 18. 3^0tf9t||Stft^ m. about 1726-7, Tryphena 

Powers, of Groton, [?] and had children, born in Littleton. 

(126) L JONATHANf b. Aug. 28, 1728, removed from Littleton 

to Ashby, -21. 

(127) n. ISAAC,* b. May 19, 1731, d. Feb. 6, 1756, in his 25th year. 

(128) in. ABEL,' b. July 16, 1733, went to Penobscot, Maine, had a 


(129) IV. TRYPHENA,« b. Sept. 26, 1735, m. 1754, Jonas Lawrence, 

of Canaan, N. H. 

(130) V. BETTY,' b. Feb. 24, 1737, m. 1754, William Stevens, of 


(131) VI. OLIVE,' b. May 19, 1740, m. Fletcher. 

(132) vn. PETER? b. Oct. 17, 1742, settled in Ashby, -34. 

(133) VIIL ABIGAIL,' b. July 26, 1745, m. probably Sept. 15, 1761, 

Parker Dole. 

(134) IX. TIMOTHY,^ b. March 31, 1748, lived in Littleton, d. in 

HoUis, N. H., -36. 



(135) X. 

(136) XL 

LUCY,« b. May 15, 1750, m. Samuel Clark, of Lincoln. 
BENJAMIN,'' b. Aug. 2, 1752. 
" Mrs. Tryphena Lawrence Departed this life August y* 25, 
A. D. 1752, In y« 42 year of Her Age." 

He married, Oct. 10, 1754, Lydia Fletcher, of Groton. 
He was elected a Deacon of the Church in Littleton, Aug. 
26, 1763. " Dea. Jonathan Lawrence departed this life 
Dec. y* 8th, 1789, Aged 86 years 1 month and 23 days." 

" Mrs. Lydia Lawrence, wife of Dea. Jonathan Law- 
rence, died (in HoUis, N. H.,) March 21, 1803, in the 
90th year of her age." 

" An excellent woman." 
A basin called the '^ Christening Basin^" said to have 
been used at the christening of the first child baptized in 
Groton, handed down through Dea. Jonathan Lawrence's 
descendants, has been given into my keeping by Mrs. 
Dorcas Fletcher, a granddaughter of his, now over 70 
years old. 

(fis) Family No. 19. ELEAZER*^ m. June 25, 1731, Lucy Tuttle, 

and had, 
LUCY,« b. Feb. 29. 1731-2, m. Feb. 20, 1755, Thomas 

PETER,* b. Feb. 20, 1732-3, d. Sept. 27, 1735. 

(139) TIL ELEAZER,* b. Aug. 11, 1735. 

(140) IV. JOSIAH,* b. " " " d. Sept. 27, 1735. 

MARY,* b. July 27, 1737, m. Jan. 21, 1762, Jonathan 


(142) VL SIMON,* b. Jan. 11, 1739, m. 1769, Sybil Robbins, d. 1795. 

(143) VIL SUSANNAH,* b. Nov. 3, 1740, m. Oct. 15, 1761, Isaac 


(144) VHL DAVID,* b. Jan. 26, 1742. Dea. David d. in Littleton in 

1827, or was he a son? 

(145) IX. SARAH,* b. Jan. 4, 1745, d. March 28, 1753. 

(146) X. and XI. Another couple of sons, b. Jan. 1, 1747, d. the same day. 

(137) L 

(138) II 

(139) HI 

(140) IV 

(141) V. 

(45) FamUy No. 20. ^ttf Ofii^' m. Nov. 7, 1749, Abigail Abbott, by 

whom he had, 
AMOS,"^ b. Sept. 9, 1750, lived in Groton, -29. 
NEHEMIAH,* b. Jan. 14, 1752. 
SAMUEL,^ b. April 24, 1754, settled in Groton, -39. 
ASA,* b. Jan. 1, 1756, d. Nov. 6, 1759. 
Mrs. Abigail Lawrence died Jan. 6, 1784. Her husband 

survived until June 20, 1735, when he died, aged 70 years. 

(147) I 

(148) n. 

(149) IIL 

(150) IV. 



(i«) Family No. 21. JONATHAN,'^ m. Oct 31, 1751, Martha 

Leighton, whose children were, 
MARTHA,^ b. May 20, 1752, m. Feb. 13, 1769, Daniel 

Stone, of Groton, grandfather of Rev. B. P. Stone, of 

Concord, N. H. 
JOHN,« b. Oct. 7, 1754. 

ISAAC,« b. Oct. 19, 1756, m. 1778, Anna Hodgman. 
SARAH.« b. « " « d. Dec. 28, 1756. 
JONATHAN,^ b. 1760, d. in Ashby, Jan. 28, 1778, aged 18 

Mr. Jonathan Lawrence died in Ashby, Dec. 2, 1775, aged 

47 years. 

(151) I. 

(152) n. 

(153) in. 

(154) IV. 

(155) V. 

(113) FamUy No. 22. THOMAS? m. July 31, 1744, Sarah Hough- 
ton, and had, 
EDMUND,® b. April 14, 1745, said to have gone west when 

(156) I. 

(157) n. 

(158) ni. 

(159) IV. 

(160) V. 


SARAH,« b. Feb. 20, 1747, m. probably, 1772, Abijah 

ALICE,® b. Sept. 13, 1749. 

MARIA,® b. April 5, 1752. 

THOMAS,^ b. Dec 25, 1757, settled in Pepperell and had 
a family, -45. 

Mr. Thomas Lawrence, senior, died in Pepperell, as it is stat- 
ed, in 1758. 

( lu ) Family No. 2 3. JONA THANf m. Esther -i^,' and 

had these : 

MARY,® b. Jan. 2, 1744, d. in Tyngsboro', Nov. 6, 1826, 

aged 82. 
ESTHER,^ b. Dec. 15, 1746, d. in Rindge, N. H., Feb. 18, 

PRUDENCE,® b. Nov. 30, 1748. 
SARAH,® b. May 30, 1751. 

JONATHAN,® b. Oct. 15, 1753, d. in Charlestown, N. H. 
THOMAS,® b. Jan. 15, 1756, d. Jan. 24, 1756. 

(167) VIL ANNA,® b. Jan. 18, 1757. 

(168) VHL LEVI,® b. Aug. 14, 1759, d. in Thetford, Vt. 

(169) IX. ABIGAIL,® b. June 13, 1761, d. Dec. 3, 1761. 

(170) X. WILLIAM,® b. Dec. 4, 1762, d. in Washington, N. H. 

(171) XI ASA,^ b. March 13, 1765, lived in Groton, -42. 

(172) XIL /O^i,® b. July 21, 1767, settled in Groton, -43. 

A Levi Lawrence married, June 12, 1781, Elisabeth Holden, 
of Pepperell. Mr. Jonathan Lawrence is said to have 

(161) L 

(162) IL 

(163) IIL 

(164) IV. 

(165) V. 

(166) VI. 



been a large landholder in Groton. He died April 12, 
1806, aged 81 years. 

( loo) Family No. 24. ^)lf l^^ m. about 1750, Mary, daughter of John 

Bulkley, Esq., of Groton. She was bom in Concord, Jan. 
9, 1727. Her father, bom 1703, died in Groton, 1772, 
aged 69, and was the son of Joseph Bulkley, whose father 
was Peter Bulkley, son of the Rev. Peter Bulkley. This 
last was born at Woodhill, in Bedfordshire, England, Jan. 
1583, educated at St John's College, Cambridge, came to 
New England in 1635, and was settled, in 1636, over the 
Church in Concord, which he had gathered, the twelfth in 
the colony. AbeP and Mary had children — 
ABEL,« b. Oct. 14, 1752, d. July 14, 1753. 
JOHN,* b. " " " drowned June 5, 1771. 
ABEL!^ b. July 31, 1754, settled in Salem, -44. 
MARY,® b. July 12, 1757, d. Sept —, 1787, aged 30 years- 
Mary, wife of Abel Lawrence, died in Groton, Aug. 22, 1801, 
in the 74th year of her age, and was entombed in her 
father's (Col. Bulkley's) tomb. The following is the in- 
scription on the gravestone of Abel Lawrence, Esq.:- 

"Memento Mori." — "Here lie the remains of Abel Lawrence, 
Esq., son of the late Col. Wm. Lawrence, and Snsanna, his wife. Be- 
ing formed by the God of the spirits of all flesh with snperionr intel- 
lectual abilities, he was called forth in early life to the management 
of public business, and acquitted himself therein with honor. He was 
for sereral years a member of the General Court, and a Justice of the 
Peace. He was affable in his disposition ; when he saw any in dis- 
tress he felt for them, and was ready to relieve them to the utmost of 
his power. He was pious without ostentation — believing in a state 
of immortality, he endeavoured to secure happiness therein by the 
exercise of repentance towards God and faith in our Lord Jesus. 
After patiently enduring a long and distressing illness, he submitted 
to the stroke of all Conquering Death, on the 20 Sept, A. D. 1770, 
Anno ^tatis 41." 

(173) I. 

(174) n. 

(175) in. 

(176) IV. 

(n) Family No. 25. OLIVERf m. 1751-2, Mary 

MARY,« b. Nov. 4, 1753, d. Jan. 31, 1756. 
OLIVER.* b. Oct. 7, 1755. 
PELEG,« b. Aug. 7, 1757. 
NOAH,« b. Nov. 3, 1760. 

-, and had 

(177) I. 

(178) II. 

(179) in. 

(180) IV. 

(181) V. 

Daniel;^ b. AprU 26, 1762. Lived in HoUis, and had a 
family, -47. 

(182) VL SILAS,* b. June 19, 1764. 

(183) VIL MOLLY,« b. May 25, 1767, d. April 22, 1799, aged 32 




(184) Vin, AMOS,« b. Aug. 6, 1769. 

(185) rX. EBER,« b. Oct. 28, 1771. 

AARON,« b. May 5, 1774. 
SARAH,« b. Oct. 4, 1777. 
A few only of the descendants of this family are now living 

in Hollis. 

(186) X. 

(187) XI. 


"Remember Death." 

" Erected " In Memory of 

in memory of Mr. Mrs. Mart Lawsbmcb, Relict 

Oliver Lawrence, of Mr. Oliver Lawrence, 

Who departed this life Who departed this life 

April 2d, 1797, in the July 20th, 1799 in the 

69th year of his age." 66th year of her age." 

" In the cold Mansions of the silent tomb, 
How still the solitude 1 how deep the gloom. 
Here sleeps the dust unconscious close confin'd. 
But far, far distant dwells the immortal Mind." 

(188) I. 

(189) II. 

(190) Ul 

(191) IV. 

(192) V. 

(193) VI. 

(194) VII 

( U9) Family No. 26. BEZALEEL,^ m. Oct. 19, 1758, Sarah Muzzy, 

of Lexington, and had, 
SARAH,« b. Sept. 3, 1759, m. Nov. 15, 1781, John Smith, 

of Lexington. 
ANNA,« b. May 17, 1761, d. April 4, 1845, aged 84 years. 
BEZALEEL,* b. April 12, 1763, said to have settled in 

ESTHER,^ b. June 30, 1765, m. 1784, John Hastings. 
BETHlAH,«b. Sept. 25, 1767, d. April 19, 180 J, in her 

34th year. 
JONAS,^ b. Feb. 27, 1770, settled in Lexington, -41. 
JONATHAN,^ b. Sept. 11, 1774, lived in Lexington, -^4. 
"He departed this life Feb. 6th, 1797, in the 6l8t year of 

His age." "Mrs. Sarah Lawrence died Feb. 4, 1819, 

.^t. 81 years." 

(76) Family No. 27. EPHRAIM,' m. March 3, 1768, Anna Fisk, 

and had, 
EBENEZER,^ b. Jan. 9, 1770, graduated at Harvard Col- 
lege, 1795, studied Medicine, and m. 1800, Abigail Leav- 
itt. Has had a large family, four only now living. A 
son, Ephraim A, lives in Pepperell, and has children. 
Dr. Ebenezer Lawrence now lives in Hampton, N. H., 
aged 77 years. 
ANNA,* b. July 26, 1772, m. Brown Farrar, of New Ips- 
RUTH,6 b. April 8, 1777. This daughter by Ruth, 2d wife, 
m. Elijah Smith, of New Ipswich. 

(195) I 

(196) n. 

(197) UL 


(198) IV. SARAH,« b. AprU 18, 1779, d. Dec. 16, 1779. 

(199) V. GEORGE W.,« b. Oct. 1, 1780, m. Dorcas True, d. in 

Charlestown, N. H. 

(200) VI. SARAH,« b. Aug. 28, 1782. 

(201) VII. MARY EMERSON,« b. Nov. 27, 1784, m. Luther Lakin, 

d. in Troy, N. Y., 1830. 

(202) Vm. THEODOSIA,« b. m. for her 2d husband, Luther 

** Mrs. Anna, wife of Dr. Ephraim Lawrence, departed this 
life June 12, 1774, aged 27 years." " Her husband most 
tenderly laments the loss of an affectionate, prudent, vir- 
tuous and pious wife, taken from him in the bloom of Life, 
but mourns not as those without hope, as he hath a firm 
belief and certain expectation of a glorious resurrection of 
all those who sleep in Christ." [Inscription.] 

(sr) Family No. 28. WiUliflVHf' m. Feb. 7, 1750-1, Love, only 

daughter of John and Love Adams, of Lincoln, who was 
bom June 23, 1725, by whom he had, 

(203) L WILLIAM!^ b. April 10, 1752, settled in Lincoln, -40. 

(204) n. LOVE,« b. April 18, 1754, m. 1774, Dr. Joseph Adams, d. 

in England, 1803. 

(205) HL JOHN PRESCOTT,« b. Dec. 24, 1755, m. 1786, Abby 

Kane, settled as a Physician at Fort Edwards, N. Y., had 
a family, d. Jan. 28, 1808. 

(206) IV. SUSANNV b. Jan. 4, 1758, m. Lieut. Ede, had chUdren, 

d. 1836. 

(207) V. SARAH,« b. May 12, 1760, m. Oct. 30, 1783, Samuel Bass, 

Esq., of Randolph, a graduate of Harvard College, 1782. 
She had 7 children, d. Oct. 12, 1822. He died Feb. 1, 
1842, aged 85 years. 

(208) VL PHEBE,6 b. Sept. 2, 1762, m. Oct. 30, 1783, Rev. Edmund 

Foster, of Littleton, born in Reading, 1752, graduated at 
Yale College, 1778, d. 1826, aged 74 years, having preached 
47. They had children. Mrs. Foster d. 1812, aged 50. 

(209) VIL ANNVb. March 25, 1764, m. James de Wolf, of Nova 

Scotia, d. Dec. 8, 1807. 

(210) Vni. MARY,« b. Nov. 1, 1767, m. Asa Brooks, of Concord, d. in 

Sept. 1812. 

(211) IX. ABEL,« b. Aug. 23, 1771, m. Mary Hodge, of St. Germain, 

Eng., d. Sept. 1, 1810, leaving 6 children. A son is 
now a Druggist in Liscard, Eng. 
Rev. William Lawrence entered Harvard College in 1739, 
when in his 17th year, graduated 1743, and was ordained 


pastor of the Church in Lincoln, Dec. 7, 1748. " During 
his labors the Church enjoyed great peace. The number 
of persons admitted into full communion was one hundred 
and twenty-two, baptisms six hundred and five, marriages 
one hundred. and twenty-two, and two hundred and ninety- 
four deaths." "In Memory of Rev. Wm. Lawrence, A. M., 
Pastor of the Church of Christ in Lincoln, who died April 
11, 1780, in the 57th year of his age, and 32d of his Minis- 
try. He was a gentleman of good abilities, both natural and 
acquired, a judicious divine, a faithful Minister and firm 
supporter of the order of the Churches." 

" Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a 
crown of life." 

Mrs. Love Lawrence died Jan. 3, 1820, aged 95 yej 

(m7) Family No. 29. AJJffOSJ^ m. '1771-2, Betty^SST By^om 

had these : 

(212) L AMOS,« b. Sept. 30, 17^3, d. Oct. 4, 1773- 

(213) IL ABIGAIL,* b. Oct. 9, 1774. d. Aug. 13, 1775. 

(214) IIL AMOS,? b. July 10, ITfB, d. April 17, 18ii. 

(215) IV. ABIGAIL,* b. April 27, 1778. 

(216) V. ASA,« b. July 21, 1780. 

(217) VI. BETSY,* b. June 24, 1782» m. " about 1804, Dn Lovejoy, of 

Townsend, d. about 1827, aged 45 years. Dr. Lovejoy 
Jias a son Lawrence, in Oregon, and Amos Lawrence a 
son in Baltimore. He has been a very good Physician, 
and is now 72 years old." 
Mrs. Betty Lawrence died July 24, 1822, aged 72 years. 
Her husband died May 1, 1825, aged 75 yearsi 

(81) FamUy No. 30. CHARLES,^ m. about 1762, Naomi , and 


(218) L SARAH,« b. Feb. 29, 1764. 

(219) IL LEVI,« b. Jan. 8, 1767, d. March 27, 1787. 

(220) IIL EEUBEN,« b. Jan. 27, 1768, m. 1794-5, Lois Tenney, d. 

1844, aged 76. 

(221) IV. ALETHON,^ b. Oct. 15, 1771, settled in Ashby, -52. 

(222) V. JONAS,^ b. Oct. 20, 1773. d. April 8, 1774. 

(223) VL POLLY.« b. March 16, 1778. 

(224) VIL STEPHEN,® b. May 28, 1780, m. 1803, Sally Maynard. 

(225) VIIL AMOS,« b. Oct. 12, 1781, m. probably, 1804, Lydia Shat- 

Mrs. Naomi Lawrence died June 2, 1805, aged 62 years. 



Her husband lived until May 22, 1825, and died, aged 84 
years and 4 months. 

" How blest is old Age — 
Now bereft his mind 
Of all that could baiMen. 
How easy her sonl — that has left 
This wearisome body behind." 

(n) Fanuly No. 31. JONA THAN,"^ m. 1750. Rachel Wright, of Wo- 

burn, and had, 

(226) I. JONATHAN,* b. May 24, 1752, lived in Ashby. He was a 

Deacon ; d. 1817, aged 65, has a son in Nashville, Tenn. 

(227) n. JOSEPH.* b. Nov. 12, 1754, settled in Wobum, d. 1836, 

aged 81. 

(228) Jfl.,- ;:^BENEZER? b. Oct. 16, 1757, settled in Woburn, -38. 

(229) IV. RACHEL.* b. Oct. — , 1760. 

NA THANIELJ^ b. July 2. 1764, minister in Tyngsboro*, 

RUTH.*b. Feb. 12, 1767, probably m. 1812, James Weston, 

of Reading. ^ 

Mr. Jonathan Lawrence died in Wobum, Aug. 1, 1793, aged 

68 years. On the stone erected in memory of Joseph 

Lawrence, Esq., are these lines : 

" death the kindest and the best. 
Welcome the hour my aged limbs 
Are laid with thee at rest ! 
The Great, the Wealthy fear thy blow, 
From pomp and pleasure torn. 
But oh ! a blest relief to those 
That weary-laden mourn." 

(230) V. 

(231) VI. 

(us) Family No. 32. JONATHAN,' m. Dec 13, 1757, Elisabeth 

Johnson, of Wobum, and had, 
JONATHAN,^ b. Dec. 11, 1758. d. in Ashby, 1806, aged 47. 
ELISABETH,* b. April 26, 1761. m. 1779, Joseph Wheeler. 
BENJAMIN,^ b. May 23, 1764, settled in Ashby, -51. 
DORCAS,* b. Sept 17, 1766, m. 1790, John E. Stone, of 

MICAH,* b. Aug. 22, 1769, m. 1796. Hannah Bunker. 
WM. JOHNSON,* b. Jan. 1, 1773, settled in Ashburnham. 

Was a Deacon, d. 1844. 
RUSHA,* b. May 23, 1775, m. 1796, Bartholomew Ballard. 
Mrs. Elisabeth Lawrence, died in Ashby, Dec. 26, 1782, aged 

46 years. Mr. Jonathan Lawrence died Nov. 26, 1799, 

aged 65 years. 

(232) L 

(233) IL 

(234) IIL 

(235) IV. 

(236) V. 

(237) VI. 

(238) vn. 


(120) FamUj No. 33. J^ftSfl/ m- 1765, Eunice, daughter of Col. 

Josiah Willard. She was born in Winchester, N. H., 
March, 1745, a descendant of Major Simon Willard, '*a 
Kentish Souldier," who came from the county of Kent, 
Eng., as early as 1634-5, resided a short time in Cam- 
bridge, and settled in Concord, 1636. He was for a long 
time town clerk, and 14 years a representative of the town. 
He had three wives, the last two sisters of President Dun- 
ster, of Cambridge, and by these seventeen children, the 
original stock of the Willards of New England. Micah 
and Eunice had children as follows : 

(239) I. EUNICE,^ b. July 22, 1767, who has been twice married, 

and now lives with a son, Solomon Ware, at Niagara Falls. 

(240) n. ZULIMA,« b. May 26, 1769, m. Fairfield, had chil- 

dren, d. 1805. 

(241) ni. ABIGAIL,^ b. May 5, 1771, m. Eoot, d. in Pittsfield, 


(242) IV. HUBBARD^ b. March 7, 1773, settled in St. Johnsbury, 

V t., — 00. ,' 

(243) V. SUSANNAH,^ b. June 21, 1775, m. Joseph Pierce, of St. 

Johnsbury, Vt., has had children, now a widow, and living 
with a daughter, Mrs. Willey. 

(244) VI. BETSY,« b. March 24, 1777, m. Henry Marsh, Esq., of 

Dalton, Mass. Had several children, many years a wid- 
ow, d. 1847, at the residence of her son-in-law. Dr. Kit- 
tredge, Hinsdale, Mass., aged 70 years. H. Marsh, Esq., 
a son, lives in Ohio, and has a family of enterprising chil- 

(245) VII. SALLY PERRY,« b. March 9, 1779, m. Marshal Jones, of 

St. Johnsbury, Vt., his 2d wife, with whom she now lives,. 
a faithful woman. 

(246) VIIL SOLOMON WILLARD « b. April 26, 1783, m. Mary Cole, 

lives in Dalton, Mass., has children, Hubbard, son, Mary 
and Harriet, daughters. These were all born in Win- 
chester, N. H., where Rev. Micah Lawrence settled. 

Rev. Micah Lawrence, son of Jonathan, of Lexington, 
entered Harvard College 1755, when in his 17th year, 
graduated in his 21st, 1759, was a short time engaged in 
teaching, at Worcester, 1760, and at the age of 25 was 
ordained and settled as pastor of the Church of Christ in 
Winchester, N. H., Nov. 14, 1764. The Rev. Joseph 
Ashley had preceded him, as the first minister of the 
town. He was a graduate of Yale College, 1730, ordain**-' 


and settled in 1736. The Church having been dispersed 
bj an irruption made upon the settlement, was gathered 
anew and reorganized at the settlement of Mr. Lawrence. 
The council convened for the purpose, consisted of Rev. J. 
Ashley, (moderator,) and delegate from Sunderland, Rev. 
^illiam Lawrence, (who preached the sermon,) and dele- 
gate from Lincoln, Rev, Jonas Clark, with Deacon James 
' Browne, and Jonathan Lawrence, delegates from Lexing- 
ton; Rev. John Hubbard, (scribe,) and delegate from 
Northfield, and the Rev. C. Sumner, from Keene, N. H. 
The articles of agreement were signed by Micah Law- 
rence, Josiah Willard and Phillip Goss, Rev. Mr. Law- 
rence labored here for thirteen years, with a good measure 
of success. His style of writing was characterized by 
method, clearness, closeness, and strength. In doctrine 
scriptural and sound, in order and discipline careful and 
unyielding, his constant reference was to the law and the 
testimony. Highly conservative in spirit, and loyal beyond 
most of that day, his political sentiments became the occa- 
sion of disaflTection among a portion of the people ; yet it 
was not until after a second or third council had acted upon 
the matter, that a dismission was obtained, the only ground 
of dissatisfaction being a suspicion that he was '^ unfriendly 
to the war.'' After 1777 he preached in other places, and 
died in Keene, N. H., 1794, aged 55 years. Mrs. Eunice 
Lawrence died in Keene, N. H., 20th Oct. 1788, in her 
44th year. 

(i32) Family No. 34. PETER!^m. Persis — ~, and had children, 

bom in Townsend and Ashby. 

(247) L PERSIS,« b. May 25, 1766, d, May 26, 1766. 

(248) IL PEtER,« b. Feb, 12, 1767, d, Feb, 12, 1767. 

(249) IIL PETER,« b. May 26, 1768, in. 1794, Mary Spauldmg, d. 


(250) IV. BETTY,^ b. Feb. 18, 1770, 

(251) V. JEREMIAH,^ b. Jan. 29, 1772, m. probably, 1792, Rachel 


(252) VL ISAAC* b. Dec. 7, 1773. 

(253) VIL LAVINIV b. March 31, 1776, m. 1796h-7, Elijah Wright^ 

of Ashby, 

(254) VIIL SYLVA,« b. March 1, 1779. 

(255) IX, ASA,« U July 18, 1781, d. May 25, 1819. 

(256) X. LYDIA,« b, Oct. 23, 1783, m. 1804, Joseph Wheeler, of 



(257) XI. NANCY « b. May 26, 1787, m. 1808, Timothy Gibson, of 


(258) XII. BENJAMIN,' b. Aug. 26, 1791. 

The first town meeting held, was in 1767, **att y* house of 
Mr. Peter Lawrence, att nine o'clock in y* forenoon." He 
died Oct. 21, 1798, aged 56 years. 

(m) Family No. 35. 3^0]^tlt^ m. 1771, Betty Perry, of Province- 
town, and had, 

(259) I. ARTEMAS,« b. March 22, 1773, d. Sept. 27, 1775. 

(260) 11. LUCINDA,« b. May 17, 1775, m. Bartholomew BaUard. 

(261) III. ARTEMAS,' b. April 6, 1777, settled in Ashby. 

(262) IV. ZULIMA,« b. April 25, 1779, m. 1802, Stephen Patch, d. 


(263) V. BETSY,« b. April 30, 1781, m. 1st, 1806, Allen Farwell, 

2d, Dea. H. Richardson, of Mason, N. H., and d. 1840, in 
her 60th year. 

(264) VI. ZOA,« b. April 3, 1783. 

(265) VIL JOHN SWAIN,« b. Aug. 10, 1785, d. 1817. 

Dea. John Lawrence died in Ashby, March 15, 1817, aged 
68 years. " Mrs. Betty, Relict of, &c., died June 8, 1836, 
^.91 years." 

" The sweet remembrance of the just 
Shall flourish when they sleep in dust." 

An Ivory headed cane, said to have belonged to Dea, John 
Lawrence, marked, on a silver band encircling the head, 
" John Lawranc" and probably owned by his grandfather, 
John, of Lexington, in 1700, has been transmitted to the 
present generation, and is now in the possession of Rev. 
E. A. Lawrence, of Marblehead. It was for some time 
in the hands of the Farwells, of Ashby. 

(134) Family No. 36. TIMOTHY? m. Nov. 30, 1769, Sarah, daugh- 

ter of Col. Jonathan Reed, of Littleton, (formerly of Lex- 
ington,) and had these: 

THADDEUS;^ b. Nov. 17, 1771, settled in Cohasset, -48. 

DORCAS,® b. April 17, 1774, m. 1801, Solomon Fletcher; 
now a widow, living with a son, Solomon Fletcher, in 

BENJAMIN,® b. March 11, 1776, d. Sept. 24, 1778. 

MARY,® b. Oct. 16, 1778. 

JONATHAN,® b. March 10, 1781. 

ELISABETH LANE,® b. Feb. 14, 1784, m. 1802, C. 
Wood, of Littleton. 















(272) YJL 

(273) vin. 

(274) IX. 

(275) X. 

(276) XL 

(277) XII. 

(278) xin. 

(279) XIV. 

ISAAC." b. Aug. 25, 1786. " Was kUled in the battle of 

NATHAN," b. April 23, 1789. m. about 1812, lived in Hol- 
lis. N. H. 

SARAH." b. Aug. 3, 1790. 

TRYPHENA." b. Feb. 11, 1792. 

LYDIA," b. Nov. 9. 1794, by a 2d wife. 

MOLLY," b. Feb. 26. 1796. 

ANNA," b. Nov. 20, 1797. 

SAMUEL BOYDEN," b. March 24. 1799. 

Mrs. Sarah Reed Lawrence died in Littleton, Feb. 19, 1792, 
in her 39th year. He married, Dec. 16, 1793, his 2d 
wife, Molly Boyden, of Groton, " who died in Hollis, N, 
H., Sept. 3, 1842, ^t. 84 years." He died, likewise, in 
Hollis, Nov. 3, 1815, aged 67 years. 

(ao) FamUy No. 37. !(Cat1^anf(V m. May 24, 1794, Hannah 

Soden, daughter of Samuel Soden, of Watertown, born 
Feb. 25, 1764. by whom he had. 
SUSANNA SODEN." b. June 22. 1795. m. Timothy Da- 
vis, of BUlerica, had children, died July 3, 1831, aged 36 
SAIVIUEL SODEN," b. March 24, 1797, m. June 16, 1828. 
Mrs. Elisabeth Ruggles Prentiss, of Boston, resides in 

NATHANIEL," b. March 8, 1803, d. Aug. 19, 1835, aged 

32 years. 
HANNAH," b. Nov. 9, 1809, d. Nov. 27, 1832, in her 22d 

« Mrs. Hannah, Consort of the Rev. Nathaniel Lawrence, 
died Sept. 20, 1835, in the 72d year of her age." 
" The Memory of the just is blessed." 
" In Memory of Rev. Nathaniel Lawrence, 
who died on Lord's day, Feb. 5, 1843, 
.^t. 77 1-2." 
** Mr. Lawrence was a Native of Woburn, Mass. 
He graduated at Harvard College, in 1787, and on Jan. 6, 
1790. was ordained pastor of the Congregational society in 
Tyngsborough, which relation continued 49 years. On 
the morning of (the Lord's Day) Feb. 5, he attended 
Church as usual, in apparent good health ; but on return- 
ing to his dwelling, after asking a blessing at the table, 
suddenly expired, dying in his chair, without a groan." 
During the 49 years of his pastoral labors, there were 

(280) L 

(281) n. 

(282) UL 

(283) IV. 


two hundred and fifty-five baptisms, three hundred and 
twenty-six marriages, and one hundred and twenty-one 
church members. The number of deaths, four hundred. 
The Church was organized Nov. 30, 1789. Mr. Lawrence 
studied with Rev. Mr. Jackson, of Brookline. He wrote 
a history of the town of Tyngsborough, in 1815, for the 
Massachusetts Historical Collections. 

(ass) Family No. 38. EBENEZER? m. April 6, 1785, Hannah Es- 

tabrook, of Lexington, by whom he had' the following : 

(284) L EBENEZER.* b. 1786-7. d. probably, Jan. 11, 1807. 

(285) IL NATHANIEL,* b. July 12, 1791. 

(286) TIL JONATHAN,* b. June 8, 1794 

(287) IV. MELISCENT,* b. May 17, 1796, m. 1816, Jacob Pierce, of 

Woburn, d. 1842. 

(288) V. HANNAH.* b. Sept. 27, 1799, m. 1829, Rev. James Cush- 

ing, of Boxborough. 
Dea. Ebenezer Lawrence was a soldier of the Revolutionary 
war. an officer in the Parish and Church, whose memorial 
recorded with his death, Jan. 12, 1842, ^t. 84, is given 
in the words — 

. '< Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord ; yea, saith 
the spirit, for they rest from their labors, and their works 
do follow them." 

(149) Family No. 39. ^Sttftttlt'^ m. 1777, Susanna Parker, by 

whom he had, 

(289) L LUTHER,^ b. Sept 28, 1778, Uved in Groton and Lowell, 


(290) IL ^ SAMUEL,* b. July 2, 1781, d. May 22, 1796, in his 15th 


(291) HL WILLIAM,^ b. Sept 7, 1783, merchant in Boston, -50. 

(292) IV. AMOS? b. April 22. 1786, resides in Boston, -53. 

(293) V. SUSANNA « b. May 24, 1788, d. Aug. 15, 1815, aged 27 


(294) VL MARY.« b. Nov. 12, 1790, m. July 28. 1818, Rev. Samuel 

Woodbury, a graduate of Dartmouth College, 1811 ; who 
studied law with Luther Lawrence, Esq.. of Groton. and 
afterwards divinity, and died in Groton, July 6, 1819. 
Sarah, only daughter of Rev. Samuel Woodbury, m. Rev. 
David Fosdick. 

(295) VIL ABBOTT? h. Dec. 16, 1792, merchant and capitalist in 

Boston, -56. 

(296) VIIL ELIZA,* b. March 13, 1796, m. Jan. 5, 1824, Joshua Gr 


M. D., a graduate of Haryard College, 1818. Thej hare 
hsld six children, four now living, in Groton. 

(297) IX. SAMUEL? b. Jan. 15, 1801, resides in Lowell, -57; 

Dea. Samuel Lawrence died in Groton, the 8th of Nov., 
1827, aged 73 years. 

He was one of those who rallied at Concord to oppose 
the progress of the British troops. At the time the news 
of their approach reached Groton, he was in the field ; 
when, mounting his horse, he rode through the adjoining 
towns, giving the alarm, and returned in season to join 
his company at the meeting house. In the battle of Bun- 
ker Hill he received a slight wound, and his hat and coat, 
pierced with the balls of the enemy, were preserved for 
many years. At the time of his marriage, while the cere- 
mony was in progress, the tolling of tlie meeting-house 
bell called out the minute men, whereupon he parted from 
his bride as soon as the rite was finished, and marched to 
Rhode Tsland, but shortly returned, on furlough, for a few 
days, after which she did not see him again until the birth 
of their first-bom. He continued in the service till the 
close of the war — was promoted Mgyor, and fought in 
many of the hardest battles of the Revolution. Respected 
and beloved by his townsmen, they willingly elected him 
to those offices in which he would serve. Hospitable and 
kind in his manners, he is still remembered for the cordial 
welcome and comforts his house afforded. He was a relig- 
ious man, and for many years before his death, a Deacon 
in the Church. In connection with others, he originated 
and established, for the good of the community, the Insti- 
tution now called, with great propriety, the " Lawrence 
Academy** In this school his sons received their early 
education, and well have they remembered its origin, and 
the advantages they there enjoyed. (For particulars of this 
school, reference can be made to the catalogue of 1846. 
Rev. James Means, A M., principal ) 

" Mrs. Susanna, widow of Dea. Samuel Lawrence, died 
in Groton, May the 2d, 1845, aged 89 years." 

(«8) Family No. 40. WILLIAM? m. 1780, Eunice Brown, of Lin- 
coln, and had, 

(298) L LOVE ADAMS,' b. Jan. 6, 1782, m. 1804, Thomas Swan, 

d. in Lancaster. 

(299) II. WILLIAM,' b. Jan. 29, 1784, m. Abigail Flint, of Concord, 

d. in Philadelphia, had a son, William, living in N. York. 



(300) m. 

(301) IV. 

(302) V. 

(303) VL 

(304) vn. 

(305) vni. 

(306) rxL 

(307) X. 

BETSY/ b. Dec 1, 1785, m. Samuel S. Green, of East 

DANIEL/ b. April 1, 1787, m. 1809, Sally More, of Sad- 

burj, and had two sons and a daughter ; d. Sept. 18, 1827, 

aged 40 years. Daniel J. lives in Concord. 
NATHAN/ b. April 28, 1789, not married, lives in Boston. 
ABEU b. April 6, 1791, settled in Lincoln, -59. 
JOHN/ b. July 14, 1793, d. July 28. 1808, aged 15 years. 
EUNICE/ b. Sept. 14, 1795, m. Solomon White, of Ran- 

MARY/ b. Nov. 20, 1797, m. 1819, Heman Ray, has had 

nine children. 
SUSANNA/ b. Sept. 16, 1800, d. in Providence, about 

He died in Lincoln, Dec. 12, 1804, aged 52 years. Mrs. 

Eunice, widow of Lieut William Lawrence, died the 2d 

of Oct 1807. 

(198) Family No. 41. JONAS? m. April 23, 1789, Dorcas Woods, of 

Wobum, and had children, bom in Lexington. 

Dorcas/ b. Oct 29, 1790. 

EDMOND/ b. Dec. 7, 1794. 

JONAS/ b. Feb. 4, 1796. 

SURENA/ b. July 19, 1798. 

LUCY/ b. Jan. 12, 1801. 

JOHN/ b. June 17, 1803. 

EMELINE/ b. Dec. 7, 1805. 
(315) Vin. JOSEPH BRADLY VARNUM/ b. Aug. 31, l^. 

Mr. Jonas Lawrence is supposed to have died in Lexington, 
1835, aged 65 years. 

(308) L 

(309) n. 

(310) in. 

(311) IV. 

(312) V. 

(313) VX 

(314) VIL 

(m) Family No. 42. ASA? m. 

and perhaps others : 

Lydia , and had these, 

(316) L 

(317) n. 

(318) IlL 

FRANCIS/ b. July 5, 1792, who is said to have been sev- 
eral years warden of the prison, Charlestown ; has left a 
widow in Pepperell. 

HARRIET/ b. Jan. 26, 1798, m. James Stone, of Groton. 

ASAJ b. Feb. 7, 1799, now Asa F., of Pepperell, -61. 

Mr. Asa Lawrence died in Groton, Feb. 7, 1826, aged 61 

(172) Family No. 43. JOEL? m. Dec. 22, 1790, Ruth Collier, and 

(319) L THOMAS/ b. March 30, 1792, d. young. 




(820) IL 

(321) III 

(322) IV. 

(323) V. 

(324) VI. 

SUSAN/ b. Feb. 28, 1794, d. Aug. 26, 1830, aged 36 yean. 

LUCY,' b. Sept. 16, 1796, d. Dec 12, 1845. 

CTJR TISJ b. April 26, 1799, setded in Gioton, has a fam- 
ily, -62, 

ELIZA,' b. Sept. 28, 1801, m. about 1825, Nathaniel Boyn- 
ton, of Mason, N. H. They have lived in Shirley, have 

WILLIAM,' b. Aug. 26, 1820, by a 3d wife, Isabella "Wll- 
lard, whom he married, 1819. His 2d wife, whom he 
married Jan., 1803, died Nov., 1817. Mrs. Ruth Law- 
rence died Nov. 19, 1801, aged 35 years. He died in 
Groton, May 26, 1827, aged 60 years. 

(iw) Family No. 44. ^tl(l/ ^* ^«g- 6' 1780, Abigail Page, and 


POLLY,' b. May 5, 1782, d. Oct 14, 1785, aged 3 years, 5 
months and 9 days. 

ABIGAIL PAGE,' b. Sept. 29, 1783. 

JOHN BULKLEY,' b. Dec. ^3, 1784, d. in Salem, Sept 
8, 1831, at the age of 46 years and 9 months. '^He was 
an eminent Christian, and died in the faith," &c. 

ABBLJ b. Sept 6, 1786, settled in Salem, has a family, 

MARY,' b. May 23, 1788, d. Oct 7, 1795, aged 8 years, 5 
months and 6 days. 

HENRY,' b. Dec. 14, 1789, d. August 13, 1798, aged 8 
years and 8 months. 

ELISABETH CLARK,' b. Aug. 15, 1791. 
(332X Vm. HARRIET,' b. July 4, 1793, m. April 18, 1819, A. L. 

Pierson, M. D., of Salem, a graduate of Harvard College, 
1812. They have had 8 children, 6 now living. 

CHARLES,' b. Oct. 7, 1795, graduated at Harvard College, 
1815, m. about 1833, Lucy A. Ward, of Boston, and now 
resides in North Danvers. 

MARY MORRIS,' b. April 28, 1798. 

JANE,' b. Dec. 24, 1799, m. Oct 27, 1823, Benjamin Per- 
kins, of Boston. They have had 7 children, 6 now living. 

HENRY PAGE,' b. July 24, 1803, d. in Danvers, Nov. 
11, 1803. 

SARAH SUSANNA,' b. March 13, 1805, m. May 5, 1834, 
George W. Endicott, a descendant of John Endicott, who 
came to Salem, 1628, from Dorchester, England. He was 
Governor of Massachusetts Colony some 15 years, and 
died in Boston, March 15, 1665, aged 77. Mrs. Endicott 

(325) L 

(326) n. 

(327) nL 

(328) IV. 

(329) V. 

(330) VI. 

(331) tm. 

(333) IX. 

(334) X. 

(335) XI. 

(336) XII 

(337) xin. 





died Jaly 2, 1835. " Her death bed was a scene of sweet- 
est, meek submission to her Heavenly Father's will. 
^Sustained, sustained/ were her last words." Mr. Abel 
Lawrence died Dec 4, 1822, aged 68 years, ** Beloved and 
honored by all who knew him. His children's richest 
inheritance is their father's good name. He trusted in 

Mrs. Abigail, widow of Abel Lawrence, died Jan. 14, 
1839, aged 80 years and 11 months. ^'Her end was 
peace ; she fell asleep in Jesus." 

(leo) Family No. 45., THOMAS,^ m. Aug. 10. 1779, Anna Shattuck, 

and had, 
ANNA,^ b. Jan. 23, 1781,. d. May 5, 1788, in Pepperell. 
THOMAS STIMPSON,' b. Dec. 30, 1782, m. Rebecca 

Dorrel, has 2 sons, Walter in Rhode Island, and William 

T., who m. Betsy Fitch, and lives in Pepperell. 
EDMUND,' b. June 25, 1785, m. Lydia Green, has 3 sons. 

Thomas G. and Alden married. The daughters also mar- 
ried, and have children. 
BETTY,' b. April 7, 1788, d. Feb. 8, 1792. 
JOHN,' b. Dec 1791, m. 1818, Sally Ames, of Pepperell. 
MARY,' b. March 6, 1794, m. Eliphalet Parker, and has 5 

ANNA, or NANCY,' b. June 13, 1796. 
CHARLES,' b. Feb. 7, 1799. 
LUTHER,' b. Nov. 7, 1801, m. about 1827, Thirza Spaul- 

ding, and has 7 children ; sons, Luther and Chafes F.; 

and Thirza, Mary, Jane, Sarah C. and Jane L. 
ROYAL,' b. March, 1804, m. about 1825, Ahnira Norcross, 

now lives in Leominster, has 6 children. 
Major Thomas Lawrence, it is said, was one of the heroes of 

Bunker Hill, and received a wound in that battle. He 

died July 28, 1822. 

(») FamUy No. 46. iLltti|(Vt° m. June 2, 1805, Lucy, daughter 

of Col. Timothy Bigelow, of Worcester, an officer in the 
16th Regiment in the war of the Revolution, and a de- 
scendant of John Bigelow, of Watertown, in 1 642. Luther 
and Lucy had children bom to them as follows : 

(348) L ANNA MARLA.,' b. March 25, 1806, m. Dec 1, 1829, 

Norman Seaver, Esq., of Boston, who died May 12, 1838, 
at St Louis, leaving 3 children. 

(349) n. EMILY,' b. June 24, 1807, d. 1808. 

(340) HL 

(341) IV. 

(342) V. 

(343) VI. 

(344) vn. 

(345) VEIL 

(346) IX 

(347) X. 



(350) m. 

(351) IV. 

(352) V. 

ELISABETH ANDREWS/ b. June 29, 1809. 

KATHERINE/ b. April 26, 1811. 

RUFUS BIGELOW/ b. July 13, 1814, graduated at Har- 
yard College, 1834, died at Peu, south of France, Jan. 13, 
1841, aged 26 years. 

A talented and amiable young man, beloved in a large 
circle of friends and acquaintances, who, afler having stud- 
ied law with his father and given promise of success in 
practice, was compelled to seek for health by travel in 
foreign lands, but died of consumption, leaving a widowed 
mother, and sisters to mourn. 

Hon. Luther Lawrence was a graduate of Harvard 
College, in 1801. He studied law, and had a good prac- 
tice in his own and the neighboring counties. He was 
elected a member of the State Legislature, and chosen 
speaker of the House. After his removal to Lowell, his 
professional business increased, yet he never encouraged 
litigation, but rather advised against it. Elected Mayor 
of the city, he was very much interested and did much for 
the improvement of the place, evidence of which is still 
seen. His large, athletic person and manly bearing, unit- 
ed with native firmness and integrity of character, gave 
him that address and influence so desirable in men of station 
and active life. With good natural abilities, he possessed 
extensive acquired knowledge, a faithful spirit and habits 
of active usefulness. He was killed, suddenly, (while 
» showing to a friend and relative, Tyler Bigelow, Esq., of 

Watertown, the large mill of the Middlesex Company,) by 
falling into an open wheel pit, April 17, 1839, when in the 
61st year of his age. 

(Ml) Family No. 47. DANIEL!^ m. May 6, 1790, Polly Johnson, of 

HoUis, N. H., and had, 
DANIEL,'' b. June 16. 1791, d. young. 
BETSY.' b. Oct. 20, 1792. 
CHARLOTTE,' b. Sept. 5, 1794 
RUTH,' b. Nov. 21, 1796. 
DANIEL,' b. April 7, 1798, probably m. 1825, Sarah 

Fletcher, of F.epperelL 
ABIGAIL,' b. June 10, 1800. 
LUTHER,' b. April 14, 1803. 
LOUISA,' b. June 14> 1807. 
CAROLINE,' b. March 23, 1810. 

(353) L 

(354) n. 

(355) in. 

(356) IV. 

(357) v.. 

(358) VI. 

(359) VIL 

(360) VIIL 

(361) IX. 

I— *■ 



(362) X. 

MARK/ b- Aug. 20, 1811. 

He died, as is supposed, about 1823, aged 61 years. 

(a») Family No. 48. THADDEUS,^m. 1796, Joa Oakes, born in 

Cohasset, March 1, 1774, bj whom he had children, born 
in Ashbj and Cohasset. 

JOSIAH OAKES/ b. May 1, 1797, d. Sept. 15, 1802, aged 
5 years and 5 months. 

MARIA/ b. Dec. 15, 1798, m. Dec, 1819, Thomas Smith, 
of Rowley, now of Cohasset. They have 10 children. 

THOMAS REED/ b. Aug. 20, 1800, d. Aug. 16, 1811. 

GEORGE AUGUSTUS,' b. Jan. 7, 1802, setded in 
Cohasset, -60. 

JOA/ b. Oct. 13, 1803, d. Oct 16, 1803. 

JOSIAH OAKESJ b. May 6, 1805, lives in Cohasset, -58. 

MARY OAKES/ b. May 1, 1807, m. Nov. 15, 1822, John 
Parker, of Cohasset, son of Dea. Jonas Parker, of Pep- 
perell. They have 10 children. 
(370) Vm. HANNAH/ b. July 31, 1809, m. about 1830, Hiram Bruce, 

now living in Brighton, have several children. ^ 

SOPHRONIA MANN, b. Jan. 15, 1813, d. Nov. 2, 1839, 
aged 26. Her memoir, by Rev. M. Moore, has been 

Mr. Thaddeus Lawrence was one of the twenty original 
members of the Second Congregational Church in Cohas- 
set, gathered at his house, in 1824, and soon after the 
organization, was elected a Deacon of the Church. 

(363) L 

(364) IL 

(365) HI. 

(366) IV. 

(367) V. 

(368) VI. 

(369) VII. 

(371) rx. 

(«») FamUy No. 49. ABELJ m. Feb. 4, 1816, Caroline Wallace, of 

Milford, N. H., bom Aug. 10, 1797, by whom he had 

these : 
MARY WALLACE,* b. May 18, 1817. 
CAROLINE WALLACE/ b. Feb. 6, 1819. 
ELISABETH,* b. June 16, 1822, d. June 26, 1822. 
ELISABETH CLARKE,* b. Sept. 9, 1823. 
SUSAN CORNELIUS,* b. Sept. 29, 1827, d. Dec. 20, 

Mrs. Caroline Wallace Lawrence died in Salem, Oct 19, 

1828, aged 31 years. 

(372) L 

(373) IL 

(374) IIL 

(375) IV. 

(376) V. 

(sn) Family No. 50. 2l2Sf llf fttll/ m. May 20, 1813, Susan Bug- 
gies Boardman, of Boston, and has children as follows : 

(377) L WILLIAM BOARDMAN,' b. Feb. 18, 18H <i- Sept 7, 

1840, aged 26 years. 

(378) n. SAMUEL ABBOTT,' b. July 28, 1815, m. Nov. 24, ? 



(379) in. 

(880) IV. 

(381) V. 

(382) VI. 

(383) VII 

(384) vin. 

(385) IX. 

Sally C. Bunker, of Philadelphia, a lady of most engaging 
and amiable personal qualities. He has travelled over 
Europe in company of Norman Seaver, Esq., and has been 
much abroad. 

LYDIA ELISABETH/ b. June 15, 1818, d. June 29, 

SARAH/ b. Aug. 20, 1819, d. Aug. 24, 1819. 

GEORGE HENRY,' b. Jan. 9, 1821, d. Feb. 5. 1825. 

SUSAN ELISABETH,' b. Oct. 5, 1822, m. March 30. 
1843, Wm. W. Tucker, of Derry, N. H., and has a son, 
Wm. Lawrence, b. 1844. 

MARY BOARDMAN.' b. Feb. 21, 1824, d. Aug. 24, 1824. 

HARRIET,' b. Jan. 8, 1826. 

MARY FRANCIS,' b. Aug. 19, 1828. 

William Lawrence, Esq., has charge of the paternal farm 
and mansion in Groton, which he has greatly improved, 
and rendered one of the most pleasant and valuable of 
country estates. On this farm he worked several years 
after his brother Amos removed to Boston, sometimes 
spending the winter in teaching school. By his own exertions 
and enterprise in commerce and manufactures, (with the 
inheritance of his wife,) he has acquired a large property, 
of which he has given and is now bestowing liberally, for 
benevolent objects. The Lawrence Academy, in Groton, 
has received a rich and permanent endowment, by the do- 
nation of $15,000 to the funds of the Institution, from this 
gentleman. A Library, of about 2000 volumes of most 
valuable books, for the use of the students, apparatus for 
experiments and illustrations in the sciences, the large and 
commodious houses on each side of the Academy, occupied 
for boarding, and the residence of the Principal, with the 
general improvement of the grounds, and the erection of 
the iron fence in front, to enclose the buildings, are a few 
instances showing the taste, spirit and ability of the man 
and of his brother Amos, who is associated with him in 
this enterprise. He was a Representative in the Legisla- 
ture for several years, and took an active part in effecting 
that arrangement known as the " Suffolk Bank System," 
80 useful in securing a uniform currency in New England. 
Affable and intelligent in society and in all business transao- 
tions fair and just, he manifests towards all classes of per- 
sons with whom he meets, a spirit of kindness and good 



(«) Family No. 61. BENJAMIN? m. about 1794, Perais „by 

whom he had children, born ia Aahbj, as also by a second 
wife, whom he married in 1807. 

OTIS,' b. June 22, 1795, d. Feb. 2, 1796. 

HORACE/ b. March 10, 1797. 

MICAH,' b. Jan. 18, 1799. 

CLARISSA,' b. July 24. 1802. 

BENJAMIN DENNISON,' b. July 15, 1804. 

PERSIS COLMAN,' b. Oct. 9, 1808, by Polly Townsend, 
2d wife. 

WILLIAM JOHNSON,' b. May 30, 1811. 

(393) Vin. JOHN,' b. Aug. 3, 1814. 

(394) IX. OTIS,' b. Nov. 26, 1815. 

Mrs. Polly Lawrence died Nov. 5, 1819. He died Sept. 4, 
1842, aged 78 years. 

(386) L 

(387) II. 

(388) in. 

(389) IV. 

(390) V. 

(391) VI. 

(392) vn. 

(m ) Family No. 52. ALBTHONf m. 1797, PoUy Tenney, of Little- 
ton, and had these, bom in Ashby : 

POLLY,' b. Feb. 15, 1798, d. March 80, 1800. 

SARAH,' b. April 18, 1800. 

MARY,' b. May 3, 1801. 

BETSY,' b. May 10. 1804. 

LEONARD,' b. Feb. 17, 1806, d. July 29, 1806. 

ZOA,' b. June 17, 1808, d. June 25, 1808. 

NANCY,' b. June 17, 1809. 

CHARLES,' b. March 29, 180-. 

Mr. Alethon Lawrence died in Ashby, Jane 6, 1842, aged 
71 years. 

(395) L 

(396) n. 

(397) in. 

(898) IV. 

(399) V. 

(400) VI. 

(401) vn. 

(402) vin. 

(403) L 

(404) n. 

(405) IIL 

(»3) Family No. 53. ^11100^^ m. June 6, 1811» Sarah Richards, of 

Boston, and had children. 
WILLIAM Richards; b. May 3, I8I2, lives in 

Brookline, -65. 
AMOS ADAMS,' b. July 31, 1814, -66. 
SUSANNAH,' b. May 23, 1817, m. June 15, 1838, Rev. 

Charles Mason, of Salem. She died Dec. 2, 1844, leaving 

4 children, the two youngest, twins. 
Mrs. Sarah Lawrence died Jan. 14, 1819. He married, for 

his second wife, Mrs. Nancy Ellis, widow of Judge Ellis, 
and daughter of Col. Robert Means, of Amherst, N. H., 
by whom he had these : 
MARY MEANS,' b. April 15, 1823, d. Dec. 8, 1828, aged 

5 years. 

(406) IV. 

(407) V. 


ROBERT MEANS/ b. Sept 17, 1826, d. Nov. 1, 1845, 
aged 19 years. 

This gentleman was engaged in mercantile business quite 
earlj in life, having been for a considerable time a clerk 
with Mr. Brazer, in Groton. He entered into business in 
Boston, during the time of the embargo, and has been uni- 
formly successful in whatever he has undertaken. Dis- 
criminating, careful and persevering, he soon gained a 
handsome property. Having persuaded his brother Abbott 
to come to Boston, after a short time he made him a full 
partner in business. They became importers of English 
goods to a large amount, and afterwards made investments 
in manufacturing. For some years past Amos has not 
been actively engaged in business, though still a partner 
in the firm of A. & A. Lawrence & Co. Devoted to the 
well being and happiness of others^ to works of private 
charity and objects of public good, the streams of income 
from business and invested capital have been diverted to 
these noble purposes, by which the accumulation of wealth 
beyond the principle he has adopted, is safely prevented. 
As a merchant and capitalbt, his rank is with noble equals, 
while as a philanthropist and benefactor, he has a higher 
place than many of equal ability can claim. To Williams 
College, he has given generously. To the Academy in his 
native town — but it is not convenient nor necessary here 
to enumerate the many instances of his benefactions. A 
very pleasing one, however, is seen in the establishment of 
the "Children's Infirmary, at 716 Washington street," 
(Boston,) "where patients between the ages of 2 and 15 
are received, and the children of the poor provided for 
without expense to their parents." It is earnestly hoped 
that this experiment in doing good will be entirely success- 
ful. Bunker Hill Monument, too, will be a witness, while 
it stands, to the exertions and liberality of this individual, 
for its final completion. Nearly all the public charities of 
the last twenty-five years have received aid at his hands. 
The interests of education, humanity and patriotism thus 
nobly befriended, will furnish a memorial that shall out- 
live the monumental pile. For many years he has suf- 
fered from ill health, not being able, much of the time, to 
eat at the same table with his family. He has, within a 
few years, been deeply afflicted by the death of his only 
daughter, Mrs. Mason, of Salem, and of his youngest son. 



Robert Means ; yet in patience he has possessed his soul, 
maintaining that cheerfulness of spirit ever induced bj the 
firm belief that God afflicts only in mercy. 

(iw) Family No. 54. JONATHAN!' m. April 12, 1798, Polly Reed, 

of Bedford, and had, 
POLLY,' b. April 28, 1799. 
ESTHER/ b. April 23, 1801. 

ABIGAIL/ b. Nov. 8, 1803, d. Dec. 23, 1826, aged 23. 
ELISABETH SWAIN/ b. Sept. 10, 1807. 
Mr. Jonathan Lawrence died in Lexington, about 1840. 

(408) L 

(409) IL 

(410) in. 

(411) IV. 

(412) L 

{^) Family No. 55. |^ttflll9ttr/ m., Feb. 22, 1801, Mary, 

daughter of Maj. Phillip Goss, bom in Winchester, June 
11, 1780. Maj. Phillip Goss was son of Phillip Goss, of 
Winchester, N. H., who was a descendant in the 3d gen- 
eration, of Phillip Goss, bom in Concord, Mass., " a Cap- 
tain in the French war," who died at Cape Breton. 

Hvhhard and Mary had these, bom in St. Johnsbury, Yt: 

LOUISA/ b. Jan. 4, 1802, m. Sept. 4, 1827, Zelotes Hos- 
mer, of Boston. They have four children, Samuel D., 
James and Mary, twins, and Henry Zelotes. Residing 
in Cambridge. 

CLARISSA GOSS/ b. July 31, 1803, m. Nov. 30, 1830, 
Rev. Lucius Doolittle, an Episcopal clergyman, Lennox- 
ville, C. E. 

MARY ANN/ b. May 29, 1805. m. June 1, 1831, Ashley 
P. Graves, late of Leroy, N. Y. They have 4 children, 
two sons and two daughters. 

SOLOMON WILLARD/ b. Feb. 3, 1807, d. March 3, 
1820, aged 13 years. 

ED WARD Alexander; b. Oct 7, 1808, settled in 
Marblehead, -64. 

EMILY/ b. May 7, 1810, m. Feb. 1836, Ebenezer Graves, 
late of Springfield. 

HUBBARD! b. May 1, 1812, settled in Brunswick, Ohio, 

(419) Vni. JOHN/ b. May 21, 1814. 

(420) IX. WILLIAM GOSS/ b. Aug. 3, 1816, d. April 19, 1817, 

aged 7 months. 
Dea. Hubbard Lawrence died Sept. 20, 1816, aged 43 years. 
He went from Winchester, N. H., to St. Johnsbury, Vt., 
about 1800, and there resided until his death. He was a 
man of warm and generous feelings, good sense and sor 

(413) IL 

(414) m. 

(415) IV. 

(416) V. 

(417) YL 

(418) vn. 




judgment. As a parent, affectionate ' and faithful, as a 
husband, kind and attentive; an obliging neighbor and 
usefiil citizen. Deeply interested in the improvement of 
society, he did much for its advancement. He was ac- 
tively engaged in the organization of the first Church of 
Christ in the town, of which he was chosen a Deacon, with 
Mr. Stowell his associate, who is now living. 

Mrs. Mary Lawrence married, for her second husband, 
Jan. 14, 1823, Selah Pomroy, Esq., of Stanstead, L. C, to 
which place she removed, where, also, she died, April 17, 
1837, uttering, with her latest breath, " I am happy," " I 
am going to my Saviour." The words of discourse at her 
funeral, " Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord, yea, 
saith the spirit, for they rest from their labors, and their 
works do follow them," were most happily chosen, and 
fully expressive, as a memorial of her life and death in 
Christ. Yet "she is not dead, but sleepeth," and ever 
present in memory's view is still the object of sweetest 
remembrance and of strongest, most heartfelt affection. 

(890 ) FamUy No. 56. ^tltlOtt/ ^' J"^^ ^^y ^^^^' Katherine, 

daughter of Timothy Bigelow, Esq. J3e was bom in 
Worcester, April 3, 1767 ; the son of Col. Timothy Bige- 
low graduated at Harvard College, in 1786, studied law 
and commenced the practice in Groton. For many years 
he was a member of the State Legislature, and for eleven 
years Speaker of the House. He died May 18, 1821, aged 
54 years. His wife was a daughter of Oliver Prescott, 
son of Col. William Prescott, bom in 1731, graduated at 
Harvard College, 1750, and died in Groton, 1804, aged 73 

The children of Abbott and Katherine Lawrence are 

ANNIE BIGELOW,' b. April 28, 1820, m. 1846, B. S. 
Rotch, of New Bedford. 

JAMES,' b. Dec. 6, 1821, graduated at Harvard College, 

GEORGE/ b. died in infancy. 

JOHN ABBOTT,' b. " " " 

TIMOTHY BIGELOW,' b. Nov. 22, 1826. 

ABBOTT,' b. Sept. 9. 1828. 

KATHERINE BIGELOW,' b. Feb. 7, 1832. 

Hon. Abbott Lawrence, with the other brothers named, has 
also been extensively engaged in commerce and mannfac- 

















tures. At the end of the first year of his partnership with 
his brother Amos, (at whose request he came to Boston,) 
on account of losses experienced, he was worth less than 
nothing. The second jear turned the scale, leaving a 
balance on the other side. The whole charge of the goods 
was shortly given into his hands, while Amos had the 
managemeDtof the finances. From their large and profit^ 
able foreign business, thej acquired good credit and a 
heavy capital, when they entered upon the business of 
manufacturing on their own account Since the very 
severe illness of his brother, in 1829 and '30, Abbott has 
been at the head of business, having the principal control 
of the affairs of the House. 

This gentleman has been long and well known as the 
adfx>cate of Home Industry, and in all business transac- 
tions, though successful beyond many of his day, has ever 
acted upon principles of the strictest integrity, with a gen- 
erous regard to the rights of others and the best interests 
of the country. Some voyages to China, in which he was 
associated with William Appleton, Esq., turned out well, 
as also investments made in other ways from time to time, 
by which there has been an increasing accumulation of 
property. Nearly all the more recently incorporated 
companies at Lowell have been originated by him, and in 
all which he has undertaken there has been uniform suc- 
cess. Of late he, as first and most influential, has been 
actively interested with his brother Samuel, of Lowell, in 
the plan and works of the " New City," so called. 

Abbott, Samuel and the other brothers, with those who 
have formerly made investments in company with them, at 
once subscribed the sum of three and a half millions of 
dollars to carry out the intentions of the company accord- 
ing to the plan proposed, by which a manufacturing city 
of no inferior model will in a few years be brought to take 
its place among the existing cities of New England. His 
services in public life as a Representative in Congress, as 
a commissioner from his state to negotiate the '* Ashburton 
Treaty,** the part he has taken in the internal improve- 
ments of the country, his written and unwritten views and 
statements on subjects of a political, financial and general 
character, these are all before the people, and have not 
failed to secure that high esteem, and have that weight of 
influence which from their nature they were calculated to 
procure ; nor are his character and services less appreci- 



ated abroad. In a late tour through England he received 
marks of attention and respect which were as unexpected 
as they must have been acceptable to one who has ren- 
dered public service. But it is not necessary to speak 
further of one so well known. If deeds show a man's 
spirit, his is well and fully shown to the world : — in the rich 
gift recently made of $50,000 to the Trustees of Harvard 
College, to establish a more enlarged and experimental 
system of instruction in the natural and practical sciences 
— in the more recent donation to the Franklin Library 
Association of the " new city/' Lawrence, of a sum to be 
invested in such scientific and other works as will tend to 
create " good mechanics, good Christians, a,nd good patri- 
ots,* and in the many other and constant offerings of his 
hand to the objects of public charity and general improve- 
ment. When such men live, Science and useful Learning 
have patrons and friends, Humanity and Christianity, 
advocates and supporters, and progress is made towards a 
more enlightened and happy state of human society. 

(w) FamUy No. 57. SAMUEL,"" m. April 2, 1833, AHson Tumbull, 

of Baltimore, and has children bom in Boston and Lowell. 

(428) L CHARLES,^ b. May 27, 1835, d. in LoweU, AprU the 15th, 

1842, aged 7 years. 

(429) n. HENRY,' b. April 28. 1837. 

(430) IIL GEORGE,'' b. Jan. 22, 1839. 

(431) IV. MARY,' b. Oct. 26, 1841. 

(432) V. ALISON,' b. May 24. 1843. 

(433) VI. NISBET,' b. Nov. 29. 1844. 

(434) VIL SAMUEL,' b. Sept. 27, 1846. 

This gentleman, the youngest of the Groton brothers, con- 
tinued with his father, at home, until nearly of age, when 
he left to live with his brother William, in Boston, by 
whom he was soon taken into business as a partner. Their 
foreign trade called him many times to England, and gave 
opportunities for acquaintance abroad as well as for in- 
creasing his skill and knowledge in the transaction of busi- 
ness at home. The natural vivacity of his spirit, his free, 
affable manners and the native generosity of his heart, 
procured him the good will and confidence of those whom 
he met in business or as acquaintances, while he was ren- 
dered the favorite of his family and friends. 

A few years afler his firm became interested in the 
business of numufacturing at Lowell, he removed from 







Boston to Lowell^ where now be has a very commodious and 
pleasant residence a little out of the city, upon an elevated 
site, with grounds admitting almost any desirable degree 
of improvement. His extensive operations in manufac* 
turing, and general acquaintance with the wool growers 
and dealers of the country, added to his own personal 
ability and enterprise in business would go far towards 
placing him at the head of the Woollen Manufacture of 
New England. Of the ** new city/' Lawrence, he and his 
brother Abbott may be considered the projectors and found- 
ers. By his endeavors and the aid of his associates in 
the business, there has been accomplished, in one year, 
what is indeed remarkable, if not unparalleled in the hi&> 
tory of towns and labors of human enterprise in this 

With a lady for his wife highly accomplished and amia- 
ble, he has in his family <' a good list" of fair and happy 
children. They have, as yet, buried one only, — their 
first-bom, as seen above. 

Family No. 58. JOSIAH OAKESJ m. Nov. 12, 1826, Han- 
nah Kent Tower, born May 8, 1806, and had these, born 
in Cohasset: 

TOWER* b. Aug. 21, 1827, d. Oct 6, 1828. 

MARIA SMITH.« b. Dee. 23. 1828. 

GEORGE W.,» b. Feb. 29, 1832. 

ELLEN A..» b. Sept. 6, 1834, d. April 21, 1838. 

LYMAN,« b. Sept. 2, 1837, d. May 3, 1838. 

LYMAN,* b. June 16, 1839. 

WILLIAM EDWARD,* b. March 31, 1842, d. May 17, 
VUL HANNAH TOWER,* b. June 16, 1843. 

Mrs. Hannah Lawrence died Dec. 14, 1843, aged 37 years. 
He married his second wife, Sarah Jane Doane, May 6, 
1846. She was the daughter of — Doane, Esq., of 
Cohasset, and bom March 30, 1820. Mr. Lawrence was 
a member of the Legislature, in 1844. 




(sob) Family No. 59. ABEL! m. Nancy 

in Lincoln : 
ABEL,* b. June 7, 1820. 

-, and had these, bom 

(443) L 

(444) IL 

(445) IIL 

(446) IV. 

EUNICE BROWN,* b. July 10, 1822. 
ALICE HENRIETTA.* b. Dec. 26, 1826. 
GEORGE,* b. May 22, 1828. 



(447) V. GROSVENOR PRESCOTT.« b. Sept. 10, 1880. 

(448) VI. ANDREW,^ b. Sept 18, 1834, d. 1846. 

Mrs. Nancy Lawrence died Feb. 19, 1838. Mr. Abel Law- 
rence died in Lincoln, Feb. 20, 1843, aged 52 jears. 

(w) FamUy No. 60. GEORGE AUGUSTUS,' m. Jan. 8, 1826, 

Caroline Vinal, of Scituate, bj whom he has the following, 

born in Cohasset : 
THOMAS REED,8 b. Dec. 17, 1826. 
REBECCA MERRITT,« b. Aug. 15, 1828, m. Aug. 10, 

1845, Daniel HoUis, of Cohasset, formerly of Hollis, N. H. 
EVELINA F.,« b. (Medford) Aug. 14, 1831, d. Feb. 29, 

GEORGE AUGUSTUS,^ b. (Quincy) Aug. 11, 1834. 
EVELINA F.,« b. April 27, 1837. 
SOPHRONIA OAKES,« b. April 4, 1840. 
FORDYCE FOSTER,^ b. May 9, 1843. 

(sis) Family No. 61. ^UU iF«/ °^- Sarah Jane, daugh- 
ter of Bancroft, M. D., of Groton, and has these, bom 

in Pepperell: 

MARY HELEN.8 b. June 28, 1839. 

ELISABETH BIGELOW,* b. March 9, 1841. 

SARAH FRANCES,® b. March 8, 1844. 

Hon. Asa F. Lawrence was a graduate of Harvard College, 
in 1824, studied law, has been in the State Senate, and 
holds a good reputation in his profession. 

\ — / * 














(456) L 

(457) IL 

(458) m. 

(aa) Family No. 62. CURTISJ m. May 6, 1822, Lucy Merriam, of 

Mason, N. H., bom April 24, 1800, and has these, bom 
in Groton: 

EDWARD ADDIS0N,8 b. Feb. 25, 1823, graduated at 
Dartmouth College, 1845, now principal of New Ipswich 
Academy, N. H. 

LUCY MARIA,« b. March 8, 1825, m. July 11, 1847, Rev. 
Wm. Wood, Missionary of American Board to Bombay. 

MARY WHEELER,* b. April 15, 1827. 

SUSAN FRANCES,' b. Nov. 30, 1828. 

Mrs. Lucy Lawrence died in Groton, Nov. 18, 1846, aged 
46 years and 6 months. " Dea. Curtis Lawrence married 
(his second wife) Mrs. Mary Ann B. Davis, of New Ips- 
wich, N. H., July 1, 1847." 

(418) FamUy No. 63. HUBBARDJ m. Sept. 28, 1841, Martha Saw- 
yer, of Cambridge, and has these : 

(459) L 

(460) n. 

(461) in. 

(462) IV. 



(463) L 

(464) IL 

(465) III. 


(466) I. 

(467) II. 

(468) ni. 

MARTHV b. Sept. 11, 1842. 

MARY.« b. Sept. 22, 1844. 

HUBBARD,^ b. May 20, 1846. 

He entered Dartmouth College in 1834, left in 1836, grad- 
uated at Marietta College, pursued theological studies at 
Lane Seminarj, was licensed, and is now laboring in the 
ministry at Brunswick, Ohio. 

No. 64. ED WARD A.J m. May 20, 1839, Margarette 
Woods, daughter of Rev. Leonard Woods, D. D., of An- 
dover, and has these : 

MARGARETTE LOUISA.^ b. July 18, 1842, in Haverhill. 

CAROLINE MATILDA,^ b. Nov. 14, 1844, « " 

EDWARD ALEXANDER,^ b. Jan. 16, 1847, in Marble- 

He was a graduate of Dartmouth College, in 1834, pursued 
his theological studies at Andover, was ordained and set- 
tled in Haverhill, in May, 1839, and in April, 1845, was 
settled at Marblehead, where he now labors. 

(«) FamUyNo. 65. WILLIAM RICHARD SJ m. Dec. 6, 1838, 

Susan Coombs Dana, daughter of Rev. Samuel Dana, of 
Marblehead, who graduated at Harvard College, 1796, the 
son of Dr. Joseph Dana, of Ipswich. (The latter, bom in 
Pomfret, Conn., Nov. 13, 1742, graduated at Yale College, 
1760, was the son of Jacob Dana, who was born in 1655, 
and grandson of Richard Dana, of Cambridge, who died in 
1695. Dr. Joseph Dana, who was settled at Ipswich in 
1765, preached, on his 60th anniversary, in 1825, when 
82 years old, a discourse appropriate to the occasion. He 
died, 1827, aged 85 years.) This lady is not less esteemed 
and beloved since her marriage, for the exhibition of all 
the virtues which adorn a wife and mother, than before 
she was admired for beauty and personal accomplishments. 
William R. and Susan C. Lawrence have children — 
FRANCIS WILLIAM,^ b. Nov. 20, 1889, in Brookline. 
ARTHUR,® b. Aug. 22, 1^2, « " 

ROBERT MEANS,® b. June, 1847, « « 

He- was a short time engaged in mercantile pursuits, but not 
feeling interested in these, he studied abroad, took his 
degree in medicine in this country, and is now the physi- 
cian and superintendent of the Children's Infirmary, No. 
716 Washington street, Boston. -See under No. 53. 

(469) L 

(470) n. 

(471) IIL 


(«H) Family No. 66. ^ttlOS ^tfUtttUi m. March 31, 1842, 

Sarah E., daughter of William Appleton, Esq., of Boston, 
and has these : 

(472) I. MARIANNE APPLETON,* h. May 12, 1843. 

(473) XL SARAH,» b. July 5, 1845. 

Amos A. Lawrence, Esq., is a graduate of Harvard College, 
in 1835, and engaged in manufacturing business ; a gentle- 
man interested in works of usefulness, inquisitive for the 
past, and desirous to render service to the future genera- 
tions of his name, which he may be considered to have 
done by the interest taken and the exertions made to dis- 
cover the fathers, and gather their history, tracing back- 
ward the course of their descent for many generations. 
Among the instances of his active benevolence is the gift 
of $10,000 to aid in founding a College in Wisconsin,' to 
be under the control of the M. E. Church, the site oi which 
is chosen and charter given. 



O^ other persons of the name of Lawrence, early settled in this country, 
the following statements have been gathered : 

1. HENR r, of Charlestown, in 1635. — On the list of those who be- 
came inhabitants of the town that year, is the name of Henry Lawrence. 
He may have come from England the same year, though his name is not 
found among the lists of arrivals examined, neither is he mentioned as one 
of the original settlers of the town. " In the first division of land on Mis- 
tick side, of ten acres to a house, five of which were given in for afteroom- 
ers, (made 20-2-1638, as appears,) Henry Lawrence received five acres." 
He is several times mentioned on the town records, yet we have found no 
notice of his marriage, family or death. 

2. THOMAS, of Hingham, in 1637. — He is given as a landholder 
for that year, and was admitted a freeman the year following. In 1638, he 
became " lawful owner of four hundred acres of land, bounded westward 
with Cedar Swamp, and eastward with the land of Thomas Clap, &c" 
In 1647, there were " given unto him, by the town, two acres of Salt Marsh, 

He married Elisabeth Bates, a sister of James Bates, of Dorchester, 
whose children were — 

L NICHOLAS, bom in Hingham. 

IL MARY, " " " married, 28-8-1658, Thomas Mose- 

ley, of Dorchester. 

ni ELISABETH, " " " man-ied, in 1658, Wm. Smead. 

Mr. Thomas Lawrence died Nov. 5, 1655, at Hingham. The " Widdow 
Lawrence," named on the town records, shortly afler the decease of her 
husband, removed with her family to Dorchester, where her son Nicholas 
married, and had by Mary, his wife: 1. Patience, born in Dorches^ 




June 13, 1658, and died young. 2. Mabt, 3. Rebecca, 4 Nicholas, 5. 
Benjamin, and possibly another. 

Nicholas Lawrence, senior, died in 1685. Nicholas, his son, married, 
Nov. 3, 1681, Mary Harris, and had, 1. Patience, bom Aug. 12, 1682. 
About this time, he removed to Charlestown, and after the death of his wife, 
married again, as is found. 2. << Abigail, daughter of Nicholas and Abi- 
gail Lawrence, born Aug. 26, 1693," died Nov. 5, 1713, aged 21 years. 
They were admitted to the Church in Charlestown, Feb. 15, 1707-8. 
Nicholas Lawrence died Feb 28, 1710-11, aged 49 years and 8 months. 

3. THOMAS, of Milford, Conn., in 1639. — In the list of settlers and 
voters of the town, bearing date, Nov. 20, 1639, is the name of Thomas 
Lawrence ; but nothing is found as to the time when he came to this coun- 
try, nor of his after residence. Was he the ancestor of the Hon. Myron 
Lawrence, of this State ? {His father was bom in Canaan, Conn., May 6, 
1762, and was the youngest of a family of 13 children, of whom 11 have 
had families. He lives at present with a son, in Middlebury, Yt. Asa, 
his eldest son, died in Vermont Jeremiah died in Nantucket. Abiram, 
with a large family, lives in Kentucky. Jonathan has a large family in 
New York. Joseph holds the paternal farm in Canaan, and has several 
children.) Or does this Thomas, of Milford, afterwards appear on Long 
Island ? 

4. JOHN, of Flushing, in 1645. — In the appendix to the History of 
Long Island, Vol. II., there is an account of three individuals of the name, 
brothers, it is stated, who first landed in New England and went to the 
Province of New Netherlands. The earliest date respecting them given, is 
in 1644, when John, the eldest, with six other persons, received the grant 
or patent of Hempstead. The next year, John and William were in the 
number of eighteen persons to obtain from Governor Kieft, the patent of 
Flushing, where John afterwards had his residence until his removal to 
New Amsterdam. Immediately after the , organization of New York, he 
was chosen an alderman, about 1664. Subsequently he was several times 
mayor and councilman, from 1675 to 1698. He was appointed Judge of 
the Supreme Court in 1692, which office he held until his death, in 1699. 
His will, left on file in New York, and written, as it is said, in his own 
hand, states that he was then more than 80 years old. When ? at the date of 
the will ? No record of his marriage has been obtained. By Susanna, his 
wife, he had six children, three sons and three daughters. 

L JOSEPH, deceased without male issue, before 1699. 

II. JOHN, married Mrs. Sarah Willet, but had no issue. 

III. THOMAS, lived a bachelor. 

IV. SUSANNA, married, 1st, Gabriell Mienville, 2d, Wm. Smith, 
and survived both, childless. 



V. MARTHA, married Thomas Snawsell, of New York. 

YI. MARY, who married Wm. Whittingham of Harvard College, 1660, 
and a native of Ipswich, bat settled in Boston. The male line of this fam- 
ily ceased with this generation. 

5. WILLIAM, of Long Island, in 1645. — He had his residence on 
Lawrence's or Tew's Neck, of which he was th^ owner. He was a mag- 
istrate of Flushing, under the Dutch, and held both civil and military offi* 
ces under the English government. He was twice married, and had, bj his 
first wife — Elisabeth ? — 

I. WILLIAM, afterwards Major William, who married in 1680, 
Deborah Smith, bj whom he had nine sons and three daughters. 

n. JOHN, married Elisabeth , and had 9 children ; died in 1714 

HL ELISABETH, who married in 1672, Thos. Stevens, of Newtown. 

Bj Elisabeth, eldest daughter of Richard Smith, whom he married in 
1664, he had seven other children. 

IV. MARY, supposed to have died unmarried. 

V. THOMAS, married in 1692, Mary Fergurson, of Queen's Co. 

VI. JOSEPH, married Mary , and is said to have had three sons 

and a daughter. 1. Richard, who married about 1718, and had ten chil- 
dren, of whom a son, Effingham, married Farmer, of Long Island, and 

went to London. 2. Elisha, who, with another brother removed to New 
Jersey, where he married, and was the ancestor of Capt. James Lawrence, 
of the Chesapeake, noted for his dying charge, << Don't give up the Ship.'' 
8. John, bom about 1702-3, who went to New Jersey and married about 
1728, his first wife, who died while he lived in Newport, B. I. Of his 
children by her, Joseph died at Providence, about 1812, at the age of 80 
years or more. David, bom in Newport, in 1738, lived in Providence ; 
the David, probably, who was one of a Committee of Inspection, &c., (ap- 
pointed by act of Congress) in 1774, mentioned in the History of Provi- 
dence. He is supposed to have removed from Providence to Hudson, N. 
Y., where he died, in 1809. Thomas is named by another authority as a 
son of John Lawrence ; and likewise two daughters, who married. By his 
second wife, Mrs. Elisabeth Little, he had no issue. He died in Provi- 
dence, in the year 1781, aged nearly 80 years. 

Vn. RICHARD, fifth son of William Lawrence, married in 1690, 
Charity Clarke, by whom he had children. 

VHL SAMUEL. IX. SARAH, married James Tillet X. JAMES. 

William Lawrence died in 1680, possessed of a large property, and has 
descendants in England and various States of the Union. 

6. THOMAS, of Newtown, in 1655. — The youngest, it is thought, of 
these brothers, if related to them,-^ he is mentioned in a list of the landown- 
ers of the town, drawn in 1655, and with six others, received the patent of 



the town from Governor NicoU, in 1666. He died in July, 1703, at New- 
town» and left children. 

I. JOHN, who lived in Newtown and married Deborah Woodhull. 
He died Dec. 17, 1729, leaving a widow and three sons. 

II. THOMAS, in. WILLIAM, who was on<B of the council of the 
Province, under Queen Anne, from 1702 to 1706. 

IV. DANIEL. V. JONATHAN. Their descendants are very nu- 
merous in different parts of the country. 

7. GEORGE, 0^ Watertown, in 1657. — His name appears on the 
town records as early as the 29th of the 7th month, 1657, when his mar- 
riage is given, and in the succeeding pages, births of his children are 
recorded. It is possible that he was bom in this country. No evidence of 
this has been discovered, nor on the other hand, of his arrival from Eng- 
land. He lived to be an old man, as is found. Greorge Lawrence died 
March 21, 1708, '* an aged man.*' By Elisabeth, his wife, he had children, 
as follows : 

L ELISABETH, born 30-12-1658, married, Jan. 29, 1678, Thomas 

IL JUDITH, bom 12-3-1660. 

IIL HANNAH, bom 24-1-1661. 

IV. JOHN, born March 25, 1664 

V. BENJAMIN, born 2-3-1666, married, July 4, 1689, Mary 
Clough, of Charlestown. 

VI. DANIEL, " " " Twins, " Nov. 1695, Hannah Mason, 
of Charlestown. 

Vn. GEORGE, born Jan. 4, 1668, married, Aug. 16, 1691, Elisabeth 

VOL MARY, bom Dec 11, 1670, married, April 5, 1689, John Flagg, 
of Boston. 

IX. GRACE, bom June 2, 1680. 

Mrs. Elisabeth Lawrence died May 28, 1691. The descendants of this 
family have lived in Watertown, Waltham, Weston and Charlestown, of 
this State, and in other States of New England, and the Union. 

8. ROBERT, of Portland, in 1680 and '85. — In the History of 
Portland is found the name of one Robert Lawrence, who, about 1686-7, 
married the widow of George Munjoy, of that place, and thus entered into 
possession of considerable property. He improved, for some time, the farm 
belonging to the Munjoys, and had a good deal of dispute with different 
individuals ; a man by the name of Davis, in particular, about the title of 
some lands. It would seem that he had some military spirit, as he was 
made a Lieutenant, and in 1689 was one of a Council of War held in Fal- 
mouth. He held a garrison a short time — was promoted Captain, and was 



mortally woanded in the attack made on the Fort, in 1690, bj the French 
and Indians. He left no children, nor is any thing known of his origin and 

9. JOHN, bom in the Isle of Jersey, England. — He married, (was 
published) Aug. 28, 1713, Marian Beauchamp, of Boston. He was a *' sea 
captain," and had children, one of whom, John, went to Connecticut, settled 
in Hartford, was Treasurer of the State, in 1774, and for several years 
succeeding. He has a grandson, William R. Lawrence, now living, in 





No. 1. JOHN, senior, of Watertown, English Ancestor. 

2. Nathaniel, Deacon, Groton. 

3. Peleg, Groton. 
4 Enoch, « 
5. John, Lexington. 
€. Eleazer, Major, Littleton. 

7. Zechariah, Groton and Fepperell. 

8. Nathaniel, Groton. 

" 9. Jonathan, Deacon, Stoneham. 

10. Peleg, Deacon, Fepperell. 

11. Samael, Littleton and Ashby. 

12. Enoch, or Enosh, Fepperell. 

13. Jeremiah, Deacon, Fepperell. 
" 14. William, Colonel, Groton. 

" 15. John, Lexington and Woburn. 

" 16. Thomas, Groton. 

** 17. Jonathan, Lexington. 

" 18. Jonathan, Deacon, Littleton. 

" 19. Eleazer, Captain, Littleton. 

" 20. Amos, Groton. 

" 21. Jonathan, Littleton and Ashbj. 

" 22. Thomas, Fepperell 

*' 23. Jonathan, Groton. 

" 24. Abel, Esq., « 

" 25. OUver, HoUis, N. H. 

" 26. Bezaleel, Lexington. 

" 27. Ephraim, Doctor, Fepperell. 

" 28. William, Reverend, Lincobi. 

" 29. Amos, Groton. 

" 30. Charles, Ashby. 

" 31. Jonathan, Woburn. 








































































Jonathan, Wobum and Ashbj. 

Micah, Reverend, Winchester, N. H. 

Peter, Ashbj. 

John, Deacon, Ashbj. 

Timothy, Littleton and Hollis, N. H. 

Nathaniel, Reverend, Tyngsboro*. 

Ebenezer, Deacon, Woburn. 

Samuel, Deacon, Groton. 

William, Lieutenant, Lincoln. 

Jonas, Lexington. 

Asa, Groton. 

Joel, " 

Abel, Salem. 

Thomas, Pepperell. 

Luther, Honorable, Lowell. 

Daniel, HoUis. 

Thaddeus, Deacon, Ck>hasset. 

Abel, Salem. 

William, Esq., Boston. 

Benjamin, Ashbj. 

Alethon, " 

Amos, Esq., Boston. 

Jonathan, Lexington. 

Hubbard, Deacon, St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

Abbott, Honorable, Boston. 

Samuel, Esq., Lowell. 

Josiah Oakes, Esq., Cohasset 

Abel, Lincoln. 

George A., Cohasset. 

Asa F., Honorable, Pepperell. 

Curtis, Deacon, Groton. 

Hubbard, Reverend, Brunswick, Ohio. 

Edward A., Reverend, Marblehead. 

William R , M. D., Boston and Brookline. 

Amos A., Esq., Boston. 


N. B. One or two families added since the first arrangement was made, 
by a mistake in copying, have been placed in the wrong generation, as No. 
49. Other additions, by sentences or paragraphs, will probably appear 
disconnected and loose. The whole is summary, and not expected to be 
permanent, at least, in this state. This is the first attempt to sketch some 
particulars of the kind, and as new and more authentic statements are 
obtained, it is in contemplation to make a more systematic and complete 
arrangement of the whole, that the family history may be possessed by those 
of the present and succeeding generations, in a more full and valuable 

Any information of individuals and families, descendants of John Law- 
rence, of Watertown, mohs or females^ correctly ascertained and clearly 
stated, whether from Town Records or those of the Church, Family Regis- 
ters, or Burial Inscriptions, may be communicated, (and will be gladly 
received) by mail, or otherwise, to the subscriber, John Lawrence, Boston, 
care of Z. Hosmer, Esq., Milk street. 

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